See How This Major Liberal Group Could Be About To Spit In Hillary Clinton’s Face


The AFL-CIO, a powerful alliance of labor unions, is a group whose support is important to virtually any leftist candidate. For expected 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, the organization’s endorsement is anything but assured.

According to The Hill, Mike Podhorzer, the federation’s political director, does not want to see internal division in picking a favorite, citing the split between Clinton and Barack Obama during the 2008 election cycle.

While individual unions chose the candidate they thought would best represent labor’s interest, the AFL-CIO refrained from making a public endorsement until Obama had secured a victory in his party’s primary.

Earlier this summer, the AFL-CIO held an executive meeting during which officials decided on a method of selecting one preferred candidate to avoid any infighting among affiliated unions. As it stands, however, Clinton has some work to do before she secures the confidence of the influential organization.

Podhorzer indicated that there has been some uncertainty regarding where Clinton would focus her attention if her bid to become president is successful.

“People want to see where she’ll be on working family issues,” he said, “if she decides to run.”

Lamenting the fact that Clinton has been “really focused on foreign policy” in recent years, he wondered how dedicated she would be to pursuing big labor’s agenda.

Reports indicate that the AFL-CIO will be scrutinizing Clinton’s actions and statements going forward to determine whether she warrants its backing. Meanwhile, The Hill notes that there might be another woman the organization has in its sights.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the site noted, was enthusiastically welcomed by the crowd at an AFL-CIO event held in Washington, D.C. earlier this year.

While Podhorzer said he is not “at liberty to talk about” any potential candidate his group might support, he affirmed that Warren has a record of “embodying the principles” embraced by labor unions. Therefore, he explained, she enjoys popularity within the organization.

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