See How If Republicans Can’t Win The Senate It Could Be Game Over For America

Photo credit: Barack Obama (Flickr)

During a recent fundraiser benefiting the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Barack Obama stressed the importance of his party retaining control of the chamber during the upcoming congressional session.

According to CNN, he suggested that a primary reason he wants to see this result is so that he can further influence the judicial branch during the remaining years of his presidency.

“That’s why I need a Democratic Senate,” he said. “Not to mention the fact that we’re going to have Supreme Court appointments, and there are going to be a whole host of issues that many people here care about that are going to be determined by whether or not Democrats retain the Senate.”

The statement sparked interest among many sources who wondered which justice or justices Obama believed might be replaced in the near future.

Breitbart noted a recent proclamation by Ruth Bader Ginsburg that she plans to remain in her position until she reaches the same length of service as Louis Brandeis, who retired in 1939 at the age of 82.

She made the comment during an interview with Reuters, noting that as she approaches the nearly 23 year term Brandeis served, she will begin weighing the possibility of stepping down. The 81-year-old justice also acknowledged that she recently spoke with Obama; however, she denied that their conversation was related to her potential retirement.

“I don’t think he was fishing,” she said, although her recollection of what they did discuss was vague.

“Maybe to talk about the court,” she added. “Maybe because he likes me. I like him. I don’t remember the specifics; but we did talk about the court.”

In any case, a White House source denied that Obama’s latest call to action was a direct reference to any upcoming vacancies on the court.

According to the statement, his comments only “meant to convey the important role the Senate would play in the event of a Supreme Court vacancy” and “were not in reference to a specific vacancy.”

Obama has already nominated two justices to the high court; and in order to effectively dispute a nomination opportunity he seems sure will present itself, Republicans would need to regain control of the Senate this November.

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  1. I heard some libertarians may run making some races a three-way race making it harder for R's to win —- what is wrong with those stupid people?? Do they not love their country?

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    If the republicans don't take the senate then it shows that Americans don't care and Obutthole will turn America into a third world country and all his loyal assholes will make out like bandits.

  3. Americans proved they don't love this country when they made him president in the first place.How are you going to vote for someone who sits in a church for 20 plus years with someone screaming for americas demise and destruction????and then after he performs exactly as expected what do they do,vote him back no doubt on how people feel towards patriotism but you also have to remember the dictator has been busy getting all his ducks in a row to make sure he retains the power he feeds on hense the reason all the illegals are allowed into this country no questions asked..remember,they are not illegal aliens they are undocumented democrats and this is certainly no joke.Its his ace in the hole to keeping his power and the democrats that come after him.

    • Hi Roy,
      Well said,
      Between all of the losers selling out for a freebie, others only voting because he is black and others because they are just low information morons and between Fraud that is how we got screwed.

      I have a very bad feeling that when 2016 comes around this Lying POS is NOT going to want to leave, I don't trust him and I would NOT be surprise of a False Flag, Martial Law, he is itching for that

      I don't think the Americans would stand for that, that may be one of the reasons why he wants to dis-arm the American citizens, he is capable of anything and he is dangerous to our Country.

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