Secretary Of State Doesn’t Talk About Dead People, She Talks To Them

Hillary Clinton 11 SC Secretary of State Doesn’t Talk About Dead People, She Talks To Them

In a culture that is losing its biblical values and morals day by day, it’s not surprising to see more and more people turning to such occult things as mediums, séances and fortune tellers. Eastern mysticism with its spirit guides has also become increasingly popular. Many people are also claiming to discover their past lives as they believe in some form of reincarnation.

It’s also not surprising to hear about some television or Hollywood star that is being led by a spirit guide or talking to some famous star long dead. But when one of the nation’s most important and visible leaders starts talking to dead people, it has to make you wonder about their sanity or just how far they have been tempted by evil.

Case in point is U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. For several years now, Clinton claims to have regular conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt who died in New York City in November of 1962. Eleanor was the wife (and cousin) of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They were both active members of progressive socialism, so it is no wonder that Hillary picked her of all dead people to talk to.

It’s no secret that Hillary regularly converses with the spirit of Eleanor, as mentioned by Bill Clinton in a speech last week in New York City commemorating the Franklin D Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park.

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Photo Credit: US Mission Geneva (Creative Commons)

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