Secession Movement Spreads Across U.S.

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Though a significant number of Texans have discussed the possibility of seceding from the U.S., the idea never really gained much traction outside of the Lone Star State. Apparently ahead of the curve, many disgruntled residents of the state have decried the federal government’s increasingly meddlesome role in individuals’ lives for several years.

As Barack Obama’s disastrous second term continues to drag America through the doldrums, however, the ideas of smaller government and more liberty has unsurprisingly enjoyed a renaissance.

Conservatives in states like Colorado have joined in the effort by proposing a split from the more liberal ideals espoused by its leaders. Seeking to distance themselves from relaxed drug laws, increased gun control, and other leftist initiatives, the secession debate continues throughout the Rockies.

At least eight counties in the state are involved in the proposal, which U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner said is based on frustration over recent legislative oversteps.

“The governor and his Democrat colleagues in the statehouse have assaulted our way of life,” he explained, “and I don’t blame these people one bit for feeling attacked and underrepresented by the leaders of our state.”

In recent days, the topic has received attention in another state dominated by progressive policy. A number of Maryland residents joined together to discuss the possibility of creating a Western Maryland consisting of five counties within the state.

This movement similarly addresses the negative effect leftism has had on citizens. According Scott Strzelcyk, who in heading the initiative, residents in these Republican-leaning counties want an “amicable divorce” from the rest of the state.

As America continues its leftward slide into tyranny, more and more patriots are rising up to speak out against it. The mainstream media eagerly describes any criticism of the Obama administration as unabashed racism, though the vast majority of those advocating for secession are not the least bit concerned with inconsequential issues such as skin color.

They are far more worried about restoring this nation’s former greatness.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. N0 one wants to be a slave to the boon in the white house/

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    It would be nice for secession just to get out from Adolph Obuma rule and his minion the democrap politicians. If only the press would do its job and go after Obuthole and his evil regime.

  3. Would not have to seceed if there was a sniper.

  4. Luke Asbury says:

    It's about damn time we did something about the self-serving idiots in Washington!

  5. Texas Secession NOW

  6. All states need to consider strong opposition to the health care law while you still have liberties under the constitution. Our fore fathers and all veterans have fought and died for the right to choose what we buy. The police state action of obamacare and the revealing private info. with ties to the IRS is no accident. I fear for the generations to come. The next move Obama will make is gun control for Americans. I encourage everyone to check out possible ties of obamacare and navigators who are former ACORN operatives. Look at the money given to Louisiana, Texas and other states private action groups. They can hire people who aren't required to have background checks and are paid as much as $48 an hour to sign you into obamacare.

  7. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Patrick J. Buchanan has raised the question asked here fifteen months ago: Is there a peaceful civil secession of Red States underway? Originally raised here in July 2012, we asked if there wasn’t a real possibility of what we described as a “constructive secession” which would accomplish what The Confederacy could not achieve. As we described the situation those states that have grown tired of the overbearing Obama and see it as no longer intolerable could engage in conduct that would amount to de facto if not a de jure secession from the United States. Red Staters have long recognized that if we can’t find a way to stop Obama’s shredding of our Constitution by his arrogant abuse of Executive Orders we are certainly headed for a Constitutional crisis not seen since the Civil War. Obama’s continued assaults on the rule of law to win support and reelection from those with no stake in our country are now coming at a dangerous pace. His narcissistic “L’État, c’est moi” (Judge Dred “I AM THE LAW”) delusion must be stopped or at some point a state governor will refuse to comply with one of his Executive Orders –even one backed up by the Supreme Court. In a constructive secession there would be no need for a formal declaration of secession. States opting for a constructive secession would merely comport themselves as separate countries as they administer the several matters that dominate everyday life. We already have dozens of states that have indicated they will not comply with the requirements of Obamacare. Given these facts, unless King Barack I is stopped, how far off could widespread constructive secession be?Before we succeed , we have to try the states right for nullification! The left wing central government politicians are calling all of this 10th Amendment State’s rights nullification talk “craziness”. Who doesn’t remember the Carter years and the national 55 mph speed limits? For those of you under age 40, Carter imposed a 55 mph national speed limit and any state that did not comply, didn’t receive Federal highway money. States eventually said screw you to that, and now we have liberalized, locally controlled speed limits. Pure craziness it is, but just as the Feds tried to limit the speed at which we traveled, they are attempting to control every aspect of our lives. From education, property, self protection, and health care, tyranny is upon us.

  8. We need to show all of the States where the Federal Government is continually moving against each State in turn and slowly moving each state to the position of a State of Slaves under Federal Control. Right now those Democratic States still have their heads in the sand and do not realize what is happening.
    If you read the Constitution and the actual words written and interpreted by the SCOTUS we no longer have Sovereign States we have a Federal Republic with States who are slaves to the Federal Government.
    This is what happens when a Federal Government gets out of control and the SCOTUS gets packed with socialists judges. All power is vested in the Federal by the judiciary.. We must force a Constitutional Convention and re-write the Constitution to total agreement with our Declaration of Independence and State Independence. This is the only way to stop this federal mess…..

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