Sebelius Blames GOP For Coming ObamaCare Rollout Debacle

Kathleen Sebelius SC Sebelius blames GOP for coming ObamaCare rollout debacle

Pity Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. This beleaguered bureaucrat has to make certain that the universally mistrusted legislation that is ObamaCare will be ready for a media showcased, nationwide roll-out before the American public on October 1st.

Unfortunately for the corrupt HHS Chief, since the law’s passage, ObamaCare has failed to meet over 50% of its implementation deadlines. The White House postponed introduction of the employer mandate until at least 2015, will award countless millions in premium subsidies according to the “honor system,” and has now delayed implementing caps on out-of-pocket insurance costs. This has “forced” Barack Obama to illegally rewrite–and sometimes just conveniently ignore–other important provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that the left long ago knew would not be ready to go when promised.

Of course, the Obama Regime is not accustomed to offering apologies for its failures. So last week, Sebelius did what liberal Democrats so often do when the progress of a favored agenda is threatened. She blamed Republicans.

“There still is a dialogue being perpetuated by some opponents [of ObamaCare] that this is gonna go away, and that this is not the law,” whined the Secretary. Of course, she refers to the dialogue taking place in the 33 Red States that will NOT build an ObamaCare exchange, thereby forcing HHS to finance and run each of these federal ACA “marketplaces” without state assistance.  “That’s where a lot of my time and effort is going to be spent,” continued Sebelius, “on the markets that are really federal markets.”

But the fact is that ALL ObamaCare markets are “federal!”  Sebelius’ HHS makes ALL of the rules for EVERY exchange in EACH of the 50 states. That is the law. The only difference is that 17 Democrat-controlled states were foolish enough to put up the money for their exchange!

So why should any market–or even 33–under the total control of HHS represent an extra burden on Madame Secretary’s time?

Sebelius claims she is concerned about “…getting correct facts to [Red State] residents” and “…drilling down through the misinformation.”


This perpetually spoiled group of hyper-arrogant, community organizers ascended to the White House with Race Card in hand and the national media in its hip pocket. They had no doubt that officials in each of the 50 states would leap to the task of building an ObamaCare exchange lest Regime operatives outrage residents–that is, voters–with claims that Republican governors and legislators were deliberately withholding health insurance benefits from the deserving within their borders.

But it hasn’t worked. Years of fawning media coverage, bogus testimonials, and flagrant lies from the Administration have failed to change public opinion. The American people do not WANT ObamaCare. They don’t trust Barack, they don’t trust his healthcare plan, and they don’t want their country’s first-rate medical delivery system destroyed by agenda-driven interlopers.

This is why Kathleen Sebelius is upset. The American people have refused to quietly submit to forced participation in an unworkable plan still in existence thanks only to the inexplicably corrupt decision of one Supreme Court justice.

State politicians and residents representing nearly 70% of the nation will continue to fight ObamaCare in every possible way as the president’s plan suffers the revealing, public embarrassment of being spurned by each group and individual with the power to remove themselves from its grasp.

The principle question that remains is whether DC Republicans will display the courage and tenacity necessary to finally defund this despicable overreach for absolute power that is ObamaCare.

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  1. danstewart says:

    The only thing I blame the gop for is not killing this piece of crap, they should defund bummercare too.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Sebelius is the one that denied a lung transplant to that little girl. She showed absolutely no emotions while telling that family their daughter will die. Other people got together to make that surgery possible and she is doing well. I can see Sebelius being the main reaper on the death panels. Would you want this person to decide if you live or die?!?

    Sebelius violated campaign finance laws, but Obama refused to fire her.
    Sebelius Illegally solicited donations from health insurers to help pay for Obamacare. Such soliciting is illegal.
    Obama tried to create an administration full of tax cheaters (nominated tax cheater Tom Daschle to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. After Daschle said he didn’t want job, Obama then nominated tax cheater Kathleen Sebelius for the same position. Obama nominated tax cheater Nancy Killefer to be his administration’s Chief Performance Officer. Obama nominated  tax cheater Hilda Solis to be the Secretary of Labor. Obama nominated tax cheater Ron Kirk to be the White House Chief Trade Representative.)

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