School Massacre Prevented By Armed Officer

Photo Credit: U.S. National Archives (Creative Commons)

In the aftermath of yet another shooting rampage in the Denver, Colo., area last week, local authorities are crediting the swift action of an armed resource officer for the prevention of mass casualties.

Karl Pierson entered Arapahoe High School early Friday afternoon armed with a shotgun, machete, explosives, and tactical gear. After firing multiple shots, including one that struck a 17-year-old student in the head, he fatally shot himself just two minutes after the attack began.

While many leftists genuinely believe the appropriate response to such atrocities lies in restricting the presence of firearms among the general public, this shooting seems to indicate one armed individual neutralized the threat of this menace. Janitor Fabian Llerenas contacted school security when he realized a shooter was in the building, proving his own heroism by then escorting the librarian to safety. Reports indicate the librarian – who had disciplined Pierson earlier in the year – was the shooter’s ultimate target.

A sheriff’s deputy working at the school responded immediately to the incident, flanked by school administrators and another security staffer. Sheriff Grayson Robinson said his deputy “got there very quickly” despite being on the other end of a long hallway.

“We know for a fact that the shooter knew that the deputy was in the immediate area and, while the deputy was containing the shooter, the shooter took his own life,” Robinson added.

As for the most seriously injured victim, Claire Esther Davis’ family reports she is still in critical condition, but thank first responders and the staff at Littleton Adventist Hospital for saving her life. Her parents ask for continued prayers as her long recovery begins.

Though tragic, that injury could have been easily compounded if not for the decisive action of Llerenas and the swift response of an armed hero.

“He went to the thunder,” Robinson said of his deputy. “He heard the noise of gunshot and, when many would run away from it, he ran toward it to make other people safe.”

This ordeal played out in stark contrast to the narrative favored by the gun-grabbing left. A committed socialist armed with Joe Biden’s recommended firearm – which was legally obtained earlier this month – was ultimately stopped by a “good guy” with a gun.

The fallacy of the left’s argument is not only antithetical to the spirit of the U.S. Constitution, if heeded it can truly cost innocent people their lives. Perhaps that fact explains why, despite shootings at Columbine High School, a cinema in Aurora, and this latest school shooting, Coloradans are vehemently opposed to supporting legislators who support stricter gun control laws.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: U.S. National Archives (Creative Commons)

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  1. This sheriff's deputy and the janitor, both, should receive awards for absolute heroism! May the Good Lord have mercy on ALL of US, if we allow anyone to take away our 2nd Amendment rights!! American Patriots, are you listening and paying attention?

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