School Indoctrinates Students With Death Panel Assignment

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Proponents of the disastrous ObamaCare law repeatedly deny it will usher in so-called “death panels,” or bureaucratic bodies that literally determine who lives and who dies. While that remains to be seen, at least one Illinois high school is attempting to desensitize young people to the idea with an outrageous social studies assignment.

Reports indicate that a freshman class at St. Joseph-Ogden High School recently received a worksheet with the identities of 10 fictional individuals, each with kidney failure and in need of dialysis. The students were instructed that the hospital they went to could only accommodate six patients, and “unless they receive this procedure, they will die.”

The worksheet asks kids to determine, based on provided criteria, which six will be helped.

In no uncertain terms, the assignment states “four people are not going to live,” and each student “must decide from the information below which six will survive.”

The list of candidates ran the gamut, from ex-con and prostitute to doctor and police officer. Students also had access to the characters’ age and race prior to making the life-and-death decision.

According to writer Lenny Jarratt, who initially broke the story, it appears the school is “desensitizing kids to death panels.”

An official statement from the school’s principal indicates that the lesson was intended to illustrate “social value biases,” though there is no shortage of outrage among people familiar with the story.

When Sarah Palin shared a link to the assignment on Facebook, she received plenty of feedback.

“I taught my kids to respect life better than that,” one user responded. “They need to quit trying brainwash my kids into thinking this is the accepted future.”

While a lesson regarding bias can certainly have its place within a high school social studies class, this lesson appears to many to be a drastic overreach.

Instead of teaching students the skills necessary to thrive after graduation, public educators today are far more concerned with fostering a complacent generation. By forcing young people to accept leftist ideals — death panels, gun control, sexual perversion, etc. — while still in school, they will be more likely to accept the tragic course on which our nation is now charted.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Why do they teach this worthless garbage? Teach what they need to succeed in life!

  2. Heil Obammer
    This is the kinds of things that hitler taught the students in schools across Germany.
    It was`nt only to hate the jews, but it was also to disrespect the elderly, the weak, the sick and the poor, that led to beating the elderly in the streets or wherever they were.
    The property of the deceased could then be ransacked and confiscated to help support the nazi party.
    Not in My hometown, if I see or hear of such an autrocity, there will be protesting carried on.

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