School Backtracks After Rejecting Report about God

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When her teacher asked the class to write a paper about an idol, 10-year-old Erin Shead didn’t think too long before deciding she would use the opportunity to honor God. Upon handing in the assignment last month, though, she was told to try again — this time with a different subject.

Shead complied, choosing to write a replacement paper on Michael Jackson. Her mother, however, was outraged the Memphis, Tenn., school would not allow students to write about God on their own accord.

“It was kind of like, wow,” Erica Shead recalled, “she can talk about Michael Jackson but she can’t talk about God.”

In the weeks since, the elder Shead has reached out to the media and legal experts to raise awareness of the outrageous policy set forth by the teacher. Her activism has paid off, it seems, with school officials and the teacher involved issuing apologies and reversing the original decision.

The Lucy Elementary School student now has a perfect score on her paper about God.

“I didn’t want money,” Erica Shead said of her campaign. “I strictly wanted Erin’s right to be able to express herself not to ever be taken away again.”

She noted that, through subsequent conversations with school administrators, the situation likely stemmed from the nebulous rules dictating the separation of religion and school.

The teacher responsible, she added, “did admit that she didn’t know how to handle that situation.”

Though it is easy to castigate the teacher for her shortsightedness, the real culprit in this and many other cases is an institutional hostility toward faith — specifically Christianity — within the public school system.

Since school prayer was nixed, leftists have successfully chipped away more and more religious liberty for the students forced to attend the government-mandated propaganda camps. The trend has escalated so disturbingly that teachers are afraid to let their classes explore anything at all related to faith.

Thankfully, plenty of parents like Erica Shead are paying attention and will not willingly go along with the secularism being foisted upon the next generation.

“We understand that they’ve taken prayer out of schools,” she conceded, “but they cannot take God out of our children.”

–Western Journalism staff writer

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  1. God Bless Erica Shead for standing up for her daughter and God! Many blessing will be on your head I'm sure!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    If more people would storm these schools that pull this crap then vote those idiots on the board of education out things would change. Who cares what a raghead thinks or an aetheist. Muslims didn't do shit for this country no matter what Obullshit says.

  3. The first time this was published I called her school and complained! Also called the ACLU about this article! So glad they got it straightened out. Erin and her family should of never had to go through this!

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