Save The Children: Arm Faculty

guns SC Save The Children: Arm Faculty

“Unarmed schools invite armed fools!” -Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

December 14th, 2012 is a date sure to live in infamy. Twenty young children were killed by a suspect not much more than a child himself.

Twenty six people were murdered Friday at an elementary school. Its magnitude was such that I first thought the report was about an overseas tragedy.

Voices for and against gun control shriek, while a recession-weary populace numbly hugs its children, thanking God that this didn’t happen to them.

There may be an organic solution to this appalling vulnerability.

After September 11th, select airline crew men were trained as “Federal Flight Deck Officers”, authorized to carry firearms for which ammunition is designed not to de-pressurize aircraft.

They are the last line of defense in occasionally unfriendly skies. Should all else fail, they will defend the aircraft with lethal force if needed.

After Friday, hardening America’s soft underbelly of gun-free school systems (assailants exempted) may require a radical thought for some: arming select teachers and/or support staff.

Let it sink in before you react.

There are only so many school resource officers and private ones to go around. When budgets tighten, security is the first thing eliminated or severely cut.

Our ally Israel arms school support personnel (including designated parents) while on campus. Critics may say “but they have a terrorism problem” as grounds for such action.

Active shooters facing unarmed students, faculty, and staff is more than enough terrorism for average Americans.

Chronically-unsafe inner-city neighborhoods could use this option since armed criminals and psychotics function there more often.

Friday’s tragedy in Connecticut reminds us that disarming the law-abiding means that attackers can press lethal advantages long before law enforcement arrives.

If airline crews are armed as an airborne last line of defense, why are a school’s first line of defense (teachers) left too often with their bodies as the only protection when children are attacked?

Save the children: arm faculty.

Make criminals and crazies think twice.


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Photo credit: Gregory Wild-Smith (Creative Commons)

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  1. Do not disarm me I have them to protect my family. Since schools seem to be targets why not arm the teachers and have at least two armed guards. Each gard should be in differant parts of the school

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      couldn't agree with you more had that principal had a gun instead of lunging at the weirdo she could have blue his balls off.

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