Savage Pegged To Replace Hannity

Sean Hannity SC 242x300 Savage pegged to replace Hannity

Veteran conservative broadcaster Michael Savage will soon reach an even wider audience as he assumes a coveted afternoon time slot on more than 200 radio stations across the U.S.

Replacing the venerable Sean Hannity, who cut ties with radio giant Cumulus Media Networks earlier this year, Savage began his Wednesday evening show with the announcement. Hannity, who also experienced a scheduling shakeup in his television career at Fox News, inked a deal with Premiere Networks, meaning that most of his loyal fans will still be able to tune in to his weekday program.

Savage himself predicted this development as speculation grew that Hannity would be parting ways with Cumulus.

Last month, he told his audience he believed he would “take over the Sean Hannity Show time slot by the end of the year.” Official reports from Cumulus indicates that his forecast was right on schedule, confirming that Savage will take the helm beginning in January.

The San Francisco-based host previously described himself as “the heir apparent to afternoon drive on the east coast and around America on Cumulus stations,” recognizing Cumulus frequencies as among “the most powerful stations in the radio world.”

Savage, who already has a wide following both on terrestrial radio and via online broadcasts, will surely add to his audience when the change takes effect. The 71-year-old broadcaster is not afraid of ruffling feathers with his impassioned monologues, which he peppers with cultural references and tales from his past. While he has been known to turn some conservatives off, Cumulus obviously has faith in his ability to replace the second-most listened to host in talk radio.

A broadcasting heavyweight both in radio and television, Hannity is also in a position to remain an influential voice on the right.

Talk radio has long been the conservative answer to leftist domination in other forms of media. Although both Savage and Hannity have their detractors, each speaks out in his own way against the socialist agenda of the current administration. The strong audience loyalty both have amassed during their respective careers illustrates the hunger traditional Americans have for news coverage and opinions that reflect their own worldview.

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    In addition to his radio show, Savage briefly had a TV show on MSNBC, until on 5 July 2003 a crank caller criticized his teeth. Savage replied:
    SAVAGE: Alright, so you're one of those sodomists? Are you a sodomite?
    CALLER: Yes, I am.
    SAVAGE: Oh, you're one of the sodomites! You should only get AIDS and die, you pig! How's that? [off-screen crew can be heard shouting 'Whoa!'] Why don't you see if you can sue me, you pig? You got nothing better than to put me down, you piece of garbage? You got nothing to do today? Go eat a sausage and choke on it. Get trichinosis. OK, do we have another nice caller who's busy and didn't have a nice night in the bathhouses, angry at me today? Huh? Get me another one, put another sodomite on! No more calls? I don't care. Let's go to the next scene. I don't care about these bums, they mean nothing to me. They're all sausages. Next scene; onto the next scene on the 'Savage Nation'.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I just want to know what stations will Sean be on I like him.First Rush then Sean then Levin 3 of a kind hard to beat

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