Saturday’s Victory Reveals Stunning Failure On Obama’s Part…

For the past few years, we have watched Barack Obama try to put guns in the hands of government officials who would willingly turn them on other Americans. Many of us worried that he had succeeded. On Saturday, we learned that so far he has failed in this effort.

On Saturday, freedom won a great victory over the oppressive machine the American government has become. Standing shoulder to shoulder, a determined band of American patriots turned on the heavily armed thugs of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and shouted “No!”

When the noise subsided and the dust settled, the BLM were beaten by a rancher named BUNDY at a place called BUNKERville – oh the horror this will cause at Barack Obama’s next fundraiser!

The reasons Cliven Bundy and his family won this confrontation are clear to those who care about discovering them, and they make for a big difference from the way things have gone in the past.

During Waco and Ruby Ridge, we had only the lies the mainstream media condescended to report. They worked with the Clinton Democrats to gloss over the fact that innocent men, women, and children were slaughtered by Janet Reno because she decided to do so.

At Ruby Ridge, the FBI had the guns; and they were shooting at women and children with sniper rifles. Nobody had the ability to fight back.

Bunkerville was very different. The government’s targets were not unarmed children, but men with guns they know how to use.

The “news” from Bunkerville that was reported by the government’s media puppets was false, old, and stale by the time it was posted. Cellphone cameras captured the truth, and that truth forced the thugs to back off.

Then came the news that grubby Harry Reid and his lowlife son were behind this attack on Cliven Bundy and that heavily armed BLM mercenaries had no interest whatever in preserving habitat for the desert tortoise. Not surprisingly, Reid wanted to steal Bundy’s land in order to hand it off to a Chinese company for yet another fake “green energy” scam from which Reid would no doubt profit handsomely.

All of these factors could still have been overcome by the evil people running our government. They could have murdered ranchers, cowboys, and the other Americans who volunteered to prevent Washington D.C.’s theft of the last privately owned range land in Nevada. Afterwards, it would have been easy to send in “cleaners” to spray perfume on the whole thing, except for one factor.

I believe this time, somewhere in the BLM’s chain of command, an as-yet-unknown person whose identity may never be revealed refused to murder fellow Americans on orders from Washington. Someone already sickened by the corruption of his bosses and certainly unwilling to die for them said, “Enough, we’re leaving! Harry Reid and Barack Obama can do their own killing, I’m out of here!”

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  1. As Americans we must stand our Ground against these government thugs, this is only the beginning of land grabbing, this is the reason why these thugs, Reid, Pelsoi Obozo wants to dis-arm the citizens

    • karen4dfw says:

      This is the beginning of organized resistance to government intrusion and it's about time. The only positive thing I can attribute to the Obama regime.

  2. I stand behind the Bundy's and I know the 2nd is our right…but be careful on making comparisons here…the WACO ranch was also said to have a stash of guns and that is why the officers feared for being shot. I even remember one officer being shot through a wall as he tried to place tear gas through a 2nd story window. The government does not fear ranchers with pop guns…it is like fighting Sudan or some other small country…over in 1 day if the government wants it so. The truth about the Bundy problems is about Harry Reid, the Chinese, his sons, and a lot of cash …and I do believe Obama knows and endorses this type of corruption…it is just the tip of the ice burg and rampant in the admin…they are simply out of control. Public knowledge is what saved Bundy …at least for now.

  3. I found this article from another alternative news site, and another land grab is taking place in Texas.

    “Today, the alternative media has begun to cover another BLM land grab. In Texas, rancher Tommy Henderson is being told the government is confiscating his 90,000 acre ranch along the Red River. Henderson is also told that once the BLM takes his ranch for public land, he might be able to arrange a grazing contract; you know, like Cliven Bundy and his neighbors used to have in Nevada."

    "Mr. Henderson has a clear deed to his land, he has no back taxes or fines or other issues pending. The BLM has decided to declare that his land is now in Oklahoma and therefore his Texas deed became invalid when the Red River moved its banks south”

    These government thugs are using any cheap excuse to take away land from the citizens. I knew that sooner or later this was coming because this is what happens when you have crooks and dictators running the Country

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda we are going to see more of this because this is what Big Ears wants confrontation so he can declare martial law.that chimp Holder is just waiting for the go ahead.Why hasn't someone asked the little dwarf Dingy Harry if he is so interested in enforcing the law why is he not pressureing Obutthole & Ahab Holder to enforce immigration laws.I'd rather feed the cows then all those greasers who come here to bum off the US taxpayers

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda you and me seem to be on the same page.If you had my email would you respond.I have 2 ladies who we talk about things that should be said on a one to one comment.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    This makes you feel very patriotic, but we were not fighting terrorism like 911, we were fighting our own government ready to shoot Americans. I wish I could of been there, on the front line with a blow horn shouting at our government to shot me reid, shoot me obama, the cowardly government police state!!!

  5. karen4dfw says:

    One of the reasons for the Washington gun grab?

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