Satanists Want State Capitol Monument

Photo credit: Gerry Dincher (Creative Commons)

The radical left in America continues to ramp up its assault on Christianity by claiming any and all vestiges of the faith must be stripped from the public square. Using a bastardization of the First Amendment as their compass, activist groups located in leftist enclaves across the U.S. often use intimidation and threats to force more conservative regions to abide by their godless worldview.

When these bullies cannot succeed in toppling whatever monument or memorial they find offensive, they regularly resort to the tactic recently employed by the New York-based Satanic Temple.

Though located more than 1,000 miles away, this group of self-avowed Satan worshipers has interjected itself into a debate taking place in Oklahoma City, Okla.

After the state legislature approved the placement of a Ten Commandments monument at the capitol building in 2009, groups including the state’s American Civil Liberties Union chapter have petitioned to have it taken down. So far, these efforts have been unsuccessful, prompting Satanists from New York to employ a different method of attack.

In a statement by temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves, the group wants to erect “an homage to the historic/literary Satan” next to the Ten Commandments at the state capitol building.

Apparently unsatisfied with their own state’s public dismissal of God, these activists want to make sure no American can view God’s rules without also being subjected to their absurd dedication to a fallen angel.

According to Greaves, the temple wants either a pentagram displayed at the state capitol or, perhaps even more upsetting, a monument designed specifically to engage young children. Furthermore, he wants the state to spend $20,000 on the resulting monstrosity.

Naturally, the state’s Republican-led legislature is not complying with the absurd demand. Rep. Bobby Cleveland did not mince words when describing the Satanic Temple members behind the current effort.

“You put them under the nut category,” he concluded.

The simple fact is that our entire system of law and order was based primarily on the Ten Commandments. A government alluding to that fact is in no way favoring a certain religion but merely building on American heritage.

Of course, righteous indignation regarding such matters is often based more on contempt for Christianity rather than a respect for religious liberty.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: Gerry Dincher (Creative Commons)

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