Sandy Victims May Relocate To Abandoned Prison

Hurricane Sandy Hess Gas Station On Long Island Sandy Victims May Relocate to Abandoned Prison

Just imagine for a moment what would happen if George Bush’s FEMA Director “Brownie” had suggested homeless African American victims of Katrina be relocated to an empty Louisiana prison. I’ll wait while you try to stop laughing and compose yourself. Whether it would have been a good idea or a terrible insult would have made no difference; it would never have even been discussed.

Paternalistic liberals could not sleep at night knowing this was going on. They would much rather see “their” Black people being forced to sleep in tents and exposed to the elements than sleep in a well-lit warm and safe former prison. “Oh the inhumanity of it all!”

Nevertheless, placing Staten Island’s White Middle Class Sandy victims in the Island’s now abandoned Arthur Kill Correctional Facility is “on the table” as a possibility for solving the temporary housing needs of thousands of homeless Staten Islanders living in New York’s hardest hit borough. That this is a wonderfully creative idea and a refreshing surprise -from a usually inefficient federal government is self- evident. Yet what makes this idea (which is way too good and practical to have a chance of actually being adopted) so fascinating is the “deafening” silence from the media about it being a terribly insulting idea. There are no Chuck Schumers running to the cameras to beat their pious breasts in mock protest of the “deliberate slight to hard working White Americans.”

Although we know the answer in our hearts we have to ask: Why would there be a different response from the Left and the media from one scenario to the next?  The answer is simple: Whites would be expected – no make that required – to just go along and “take it.” Whites would be assumed to be big enough people to understand that in an emergency it’s “any port in a storm.”

Because they are the true racists, Democrats would not believe that African Americans would understand the need for such a drastic policy.  Scoring points with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be far more important than the comfort of disaster victims.

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  1. This is first of FEMA relocation camps. If the Head Nappy Head in Charge (HNHIC) gets his way those of us who oppose him and talks down will end up there. This is what Stalin,Marx, and Lennon did in Soviet Russia. Either concentration camps or gulags in Siberia.

  2. ANYONE, who VOLUNTARILY enters that prison, would have to be crazy. Once they are in there, that would be the last time they would ever be heard of again. This is a definite PLOY by the obummer administration to get these folks under THEIR CONTROL. NEVER TO BE SET FREE AGAIN.

  3. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Has this been planed?I would have to answer,"Yes." God give those people the wisdom to say,"not no,but he** no!"

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Putting blacks in prisons would be like some of them going home but because it's the Obutthole regime doing it they would like it.Why not just pitch tents on the White House lawn and have his 2 niglets and the Grape Ape cater to them.You'd see how fast Obutthole would make FEMA work faster.

    • Damn I knew all u white sheet wearing crackers were gonna be pissed off that slimy ass white child predator didnt get elected but wow get the fuk over it u all r now minorities finally the u.s don’t bow to you all uneducatedtrailer trash asses! We don’t care about ya n newsflash majority of all the stupid crazy ass crimes that go on r caused by a cracker a piece of shit cracker like u. Something is seriously wrong with u cause all u keep mentioning is obamas butt hole r u ok???? Lol

  5. The failure of the mainstream-media to castigate Obama BEFORE the election vis-a-vis Sandy, the drone attacked by Iran, the Benghazi debacle and Petraeus’s affair is tantamount to election fraud.

  6. Virginia Christmas says:

    Why is everything a race issue? Lets not give those that live to preach about “oh boo hoo my ancestors had to pick cotton” people more to whine and complain about. You got your black president. He sucks! What a surprise, a black person who doesn’t want to work… I’m shocked. Lets just ignore important facts and do what we want…so over it! If you love him so much why don’t you all go back to Africa and take him with you to be your “fearless communist leader”. You’ll be begging to come back in no time.

    • Well, for one, there is no free stuff in africa, and they’d actually have to use a little energy, effort and do what it takes just to survive, and then………..all those africans who are, and have been, killing others of their own race for whatever idea suits them, oh man! Can you imagine the outcome of that? These “black” people here have no idea what a real hardship means, they don’t have a clue! All they are, are lazy, mooching, useless whiners who squawk each time someone even blinks at them the “wrong way”. And now that they think, I say THINK, they have someone who will do something FOR them, they THINK they have it “made in the shade”! Dumbasses, this “half and half” doesn’t give a rats behind about anyone, except HIMSELF, just the same as jackson, sharpton, farrakan, and all the other RICH “black leaders” they worship and think are the “greatest thing” since sliced bread, oh, and since their ancestors picked cotton! These fools don’t seem to GET IT, none of those wealthy, RICH “blacks” could care less if they all starve, because THEY sure aren’t starving……look at the GUTS on sharpton and jackson! And, see the MANSIONS they live in, the cars they drive, and by all means, take a good look at the BLING they wear! All those RICH rap singers, the hip hop noise makers, how much have THEY “given back” to “their people”? I’d like to know, just how much these RICH “BLACK” brothas and sistas have given back to their “homies”? Not a thing, nada. Nothing except talk, and as any idiot knows, talk is cheap, it doesn’t cost a penny! Look at the Great Purple Lipped Lip Flapper in Washington, he hasn’t helped those dimwitted knotheads at all, just given them free stuff, that did NOT COST HIM A PENNY! If the world crashed for these “black takers and moochers”, and no one BUT THEIR “one” had a dime, DO YOU HONESTLY THINK HE”D GIVE THEM A PENNY TO HELP THEM!? NOT ONE CENT! He is OUT FOR WHAT HE CAN GET, and THEY ARE BEING USED, JUST AS USED AS THE SLAVE OWNERS USED THEM FOR LABOR, FREE LABOR DURING SLAVERY! The only difference now is that they are GIVING THIS “LONG TALL LYING PEICE OF GARBAGE” FREE PUBLICITY AND ALL THE HELP HE NEEDS IN DESTROYING THE WHOLE NATION, INCLUDING THE “black” FOOLS WHO ARE TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THEY ARE SLAVES ONCE AGAIN AND TO ONE OF THEIR “OWN RACE”! What a bunch of useless wastes of human flesh, if they can be called “human”! And you up there, myamme, do you not know how to speak, spell, or write an INTELLIGENT sentence? Has your own RACISIM ruined any form of INTELLIGENCE YOU MAY HAVE EVER HAD? You and your kind, “black” have ruined yourselves, and you are GUILTY OF THE THEFT OF YOUR OWN FREEDOM! YOU ARE JUST TOO STUPID TO REALIZE IT, AND IF YOU EVER DO, IT WILL BE TOO LATE AND NO SELF RESPECTING WHITIE WILL LIFT A FINGER TO HELP YOU WHEN YOU DO FIND YOURSELF IN NEED OF SOME REAL COMPASSION! Why DON”T you GO TO AFRICA AND LIVE? Since you seem to beleive that we whites are just so bad, try YOUR OWN COLOR FOR A CHANGE, AND, SINCE YOU INSIST ON THIS “african”bullshit, why NOT GO LIVE AS A TRUE “african” for a change, and leave we WHITIES to our OWN COUNTRY! Our forefathers brought your sorry useless asses here, WE DIDN”T!!!!!!!!!!! You got your “freedom”, now deal with it as an even halfway “intelligent” species!

      • And by the way, prison would be perfect for you, everything there is FREE!

      • While I agree with you on most, I also know many black honest people who don't live off the people's backs. The problem is…most black people don't realize anyone of their own race who might just be wise and intelligent. (no I'm not a racist) Facts are facts in most of what you say. I just can't believe how blacks 'shun' one of their own who, like Alan West, Thomas Sowell, Cain and others who are wise enough to be educated and are honest. This one in the W/H has ruined it for honest, educated blacks.

  7. Virginia Christmas says:

    I actually heard an Obama supporter call him a “messiah”! Can you believe that? That’s scary! I guess if he offered them special Kool-Aid, they’d drink it…after all Kool-Aid is like the universal drink of ghetto trash.

  8. Time for a little history lesson. 100% of blacks use the word Crackers as a racial name calling and have no clue where the term come from.. Back in 1700 and 1800s farmers would take their crops to town making trips by ox cart traveling sometimes all night to town with their goods. Sometimes the ox would stop and the farmers would crack their whips above the Ox's head to make them go. It was common for people waking up at night hearing the whips and comment, there go the crackers. Disgusted, I love you.

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