San Fran Pro-Life Signs Called “Hateful”

Photo Credit: Planetrussell (Creative Commons)

There is perhaps no bastion of sexual perversion more militant than San Francisco. In addition to numerous gay pride parades and other graphic public displays of immorality, the city has a virulent pro-choice community.

About two years ago, one such group sought permission to display several signs supporting the murder of unborn children. The banners were hung along Market Street, a major San Franciscan artery, much to the dismay of pro-life advocates.

Upset by seeing signs with messages such as “U.S. Out of My Uterus,” some concerned locals questioned why city leaders approved the permits – especially since they did not promote a specific event. When the local public works department confirmed the signs did not violate any statute, the opposition died down, and the controversy was largely forgotten.

This week, however, activists on the other side of the issue decided to use that municipal ruling to their favor by displaying various signs pleading for an end to the murderous act of abortion.

Walk for Life West Coast is sponsoring the exhibition, with banners sharing the message that “Abortion Hurts Women.”

In a glaring example of self-delusional irony, the same group that sponsored the 2012 pro-abortion extravaganza is now decrying the same free expression by their ideological opponents.

The Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women is demanding San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee forcibly remove the signs. In a letter sent to the mayor this week, the activist group called the signs “false and hateful.”

Taking it one step further, the organization’s director, Ellen Shaffer, deemed the displayed message to be hate speech and expressed her “shock” that Market Street is now littered with “snowflakes and lies.”

While Lee is proudly aligned with the pro-abortion agenda, his office thankfully disregarded the inane demands to strip Walk for Life’s liberty.

Spokeperson Francis Tsang said Lee “disagrees strongly with the message of the banners, but the mayor’s disapproval obviously doesn’t and shouldn’t trump the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

One might wonder how Lee could argue abortion does not cause women harm considering the countless cases of physical and emotional damage millions of such procedures have inflicted over more than four decades. Nevertheless, it is refreshing that, even in San Francisco, the right to free expression is still being protected.


Photo Credit: Planetrussell (Creative Commons)

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  1. There's nothin' 'hateful' about lettin' innocent unborn babies live!

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