What This Russian General Just Said Could Bring The Cold War With A Vengence

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The Russians are revising their defense priorities, which, according to The Moscow Times, were last revamped in a 2010.  This revision is being undertaken due to the threats posed by Islamist extremists, events in Ukraine, and other conflicts such as Syria.  However, a senior Russian defense official, General Yuri Yakubov, states that Russia should declare publicly its intention to strike first against NATO if it fears aggression from the West.  This takes Moscow defense policy straight back to the days of the Cold War and Mutually Assured Destruction.

It is shocking how fast Russian society and her position in the modern, developed world has changed in only a few short months. Perhaps this was Putin’s intention all along; but nonetheless, it is still jolting. Putin is leading his country back to the Stone Ages, and they are following him willingly on the Highway to Hell. The General used NATO’s recently stated intention to permanently station a rotating force in Eastern Europe as justification for this statement.  However, any rational person would see that the West is simply reacting to Russia and has gone out of their way to not provoke Moscow.

General Yakubov stated that the number one enemy of Russia is the United States and the Eastern bloc. The fact that his comments were leaked or directly passed on to the Russian press for distribution is a direct window into the Kremlin’s thinking. They want us to be scared.  They want the West to cower.  This means they may be intending to prosecute further aggression in Europe and elsewhere.

I feel so safe with President Obama at the helm. Don’t you?

Photo credit: Mark III Photonics / Shutterstock.com

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I can't believe Putin would be that stupid to start a nuclear war even though we have a wimp for a president Nobody wins in a nuclear war.Russia knows that they'll be hit and Putin will be a target.

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