Russell Simmons Is Dead Wrong About The NRA

Russell Simmons SC Russell Simmons Is Dead Wrong About The NRA

Russell Simmons and his brother Run (of Run DMC fame) were part of my formative years!

Their optimistic, sometimes political music provided a perfect swan song for the gun violence that crack brought in the 1980s.

New York’s draconian gun laws disarm the innocent while the guilty arm themselves to the teeth.

It’s sad to hear Simmons recently say “Black people ain’t got time (for the NRA)” when Jam Master Jay (born Jason Mizell), DJ for his brother’s group, was murdered in 2002.

Mr. Mizell had been previously shot in one of his legs. Could accessible, legal gun ownership have saved his and other NY gun crime victims’ lives?

Perhaps Black folks’ lives aren’t important enough in the “enlightened” North?

Simmons should support Black gun ownership if for no other reason than the sad fact that so many rappers now find themselves targets of angry thugs.

Even Afrocentric female rapper Queen Latifah narrowly escaped an armed carjacking attempt in 1995.

When will Black liberals finally stop allowing thugs to run loose in the Hood?

The irony of the situation isn’t lost on observers who note that many of these same rappers’ lyrics and stage personae also bellow “angry thug!” to the marketplace.

Simmons should want his Black listeners to be able to legally defend themselves since they can’t afford armed bodyguards and police escorts like him.

Safety is a civil right too, and the Hood whose fads made Simmons a multi-millionaire is also the most unsafe place in America.

All brothers like new NRA spokesperson Colion Noir are doing is trying to bring some equality into the picture.

Equality is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Especially when inner-city thugs in major cities like New York and Chicago enjoy an unequal right to shoot unarmed Black citizens obeying gun laws that leave them defenseless.

Black people without bodyguards don’t have time for uneven odds killing us daily!

Russell Simmons is wrong about the NRA.

Dead wrong, according to inner-city headlines.


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Photo credit: adria.richards (Creative Commons)

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