RuPaul: Unlikely Defender Of ‘Offensive’ Speech?

For members of the increasingly vocal transgender population, demands that they be referred to in bizarrely specific and politically correct ways have become all too common. The push to appease this and other nonconforming gender groups has led to moves like the omission of the words ‘male’ and ‘female’ on college applications and the invention of dozens of new terms to describe them.

Even Ellen DeGeneres, an icon of the gay community, faced serious backlash after some transgender activists found one of her jokes offensive.

When RuPaul, the transvestite host of “Drag Race” on the Logo network, found himself in hot water from others in his circle of influence, however, he did not simply capitulate. He shot back with a number of pointed tweets recently explaining why such infighting is ultimately damaging to their cause.

Among those who publicly opposed his rhetoric was former “Drag Race” contestant Carmen Carrera.

Criticized for his use of the word ‘tranny’ to describe certain orientations, RuPaul said on comedian Marc Maron’s podcast that such judgments are generally made by “fringe people who are looking for story lines to strengthen their identity as victims.”

He also dismissed allegations that the network behind his show is cooling toward him over recent comments.

Left-leaning Salon covered the story in a recent article, with writer Daniel D’Addario concluding that “RuPaul’s points are well-taken,” that he “may well have insights that those seeking to take offense are missing,” and “may know a great deal about the history of how words were used.”

In the end, though, he expressed concern that the star “managed to make an attempt at honest conversation into an all-out war.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/RuPaul

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