Rubio’s Latest Campaign Strategy Could Guarantee Trump’s Victory- It’s Not What You Think

Some have speculated that the Republican presidential candidates could work out a deal, whereby three candidates would bow out and allow one of the two front-runners to take on Donald Trump head to head. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said emphatically, that a deal like that will never happen.

Rubio addressed possibilities of a consolidation of presidential candidates with Fox News’ Fox and Friends Wednesday. Rubio said, “First of all, both Ted and I are both running vibrant national campaigns, so the voters are going to have to provide the consolidation.  It’s not going to be a deal between candidates.  And that just never happens, and it isn’t going to happen now.”

On the same day in another interview with CBS This Morning, host Charlie Rose asked Rubio, “Is it simply too little too late to stop Donald Trump, especially if he does well on…Super Tuesday?” Rubio answered, “It’s important to take a deep breath here…It’s not based on how many states you win.  It’s based on how many delegates you pick up.” Rubio further added there are, “plenty of states out there that, in the winner-take-all category, that if you win them, you more than catch up.” Rubio did admit the votes against Trump are “spread out” among four other candidates, which has allowed for Trump’s previous successes.

“There’s a significant number of Republicans who do not want Donald Trump to be their nominee,” Rubio stated. Co-host Gayle King asked Rubio, “At what state do you think you’re going to be the one to Trump Donald Trump?” Rubio confidently predicted, “We’ll win in Florida now that Gov. Bush is no longer in the race,” even though the hosts reminded him he is currently trailing in FL polls.

“We feel great about the work we’re putting in and what it’s going to lead to when this process plays out,” Rubio said. Rubio also implied Bush would endorse him but commented, “we haven’t discussed an endorsement.”

If the remaining candidates of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Ben Carson remain in the race, the outcome will likely guarantee a Trump nomination. It is unclear, however, if the outliers were to drop out, whether Rubio or Cruz would even be able to take on Trump for the nomination given Trump’s popularity and landslide victories in NH, SC, and NV.  Super Tuesday will, more likely than not, lead a few of the field of five to drop out and give the frontrunners a better chance at beating Trump.

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