Rubio: ‘It’s Almost Impossible To Work With This Administration’

Marco Rubio (R-FL) appeared this morning on America’s Newsroom.  Host Bill Hemmer referred Rubio to a recent Fox News poll that shows 80% of Americans believe we are losing standing in the world as a country. Rubio said, “I feel we have lost our standing in the world. It’s not a permanent condition. We can reverse that, but not under the direction this president is taking us, unfortunately.  But increasingly, you are seeing that our allies find us to be unreliable and our adversaries find us to be weak. It’s very reminiscent of where we were in 1979 under Jimmy Carter.”

Hemmer asked the Florida Senator if we, as a country, are ready to go after ISIS in Iraq.  “Our engagement there is not about rebuilding Iraq, it’s not about refighting the Iraq war. This is about preventing a group that has the ambition and the ability of attacking America here in the United States, from creating a safe haven where they can operate from.”  He goes on to say that we are seen as unreliable in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Hemmer then turns the discussion to domestic issues and the IRS scandal: “George Will argues it’s bigger than Watergate.” Rubio responds to a short clip of Will, from another Fox News segment: “This could be bigger than that because the Richard Nixon situation was terrible and he should have been removed or impeached.  But it was involving a political operation.  This is one of the most powerful and devastating agencies in the American government. An agency that can completely ruin your life and put you out of business.”

Hemmer refers to an earlier comment that Rubio had said the Obama presidency is “effectively over.” Rubio concluded his comments: “This president is not interested in working with others. His modus operandi is if you disagree with him, he accuses you of not caring. It’s almost impossible to work with this administration because they are not looking to work with other people; they are looking to divide Americans in an ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality, and it’s had a devastating impact on our ability to solve problems.”

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