Rubio In 2010: “Path To Citizenship Is Basically Code For Amnesty”

Rubio SC Rubio In 2010: Path to Citizenship is Basically Code for Amnesty”

It would be easy to say that Marco Rubio has had a change of heart about amnesty after a careful consideration of the facts, but that would be too simplistic. The indications are that he has more likely become a careful liar about his intentions toward us.

Until recently, Rubio seemed like a nice young man who understood why America is so great.   He was supposed to be the Republican who would bring Hispanics to conservatism (please don’t say they are there already) and build a coalition of minorities that would counterbalance African American’s socialism. Time has proved those assumptions wrong.

In 2010, his freshness and seeming honesty catapulted him right past the hapless Charlie Crist (running as a who knows what?) and Democrat Kendrick Meeks to win election to the United States Senate.

Rubio was backed by Florida’s TEA parties and almost all like-minded conservatives. One of his most endearing qualities was his knack for saying the things conservatives were thinking about illegal immigration. He called the idea of granting illegal aliens “an earned path to citizenship, code language for amnesty.” He was right then. He is wrong now.

Now three years later, Rubio is talking out of the other side of his mouth. As the spokesperson for the Gang of Ocho, Senor Rubio loves amnesty, although he double talks it away with insistence that illegal aliens must: learn English (why? English is NOT our official language- only the “common unifying language of the United States”), get a job (where?  And who will be replaced to provide that job?), pay a fine (which can be waived), and other mumbo jumbo about “going to the end of some line.”

Rubio has become the favorite child of Uncle Democrat because he will say whatever Chuck Schumer needs him to say. For whatever his personal reasons, Rubio has become a dangerous hypocrite who will destroy our country.

The Marco Rubio of 2010 is long gone. We can’t trust today’s version because it is now Rubio who speaks in code language. “Strong border security” comes to mind. It means “tell the conservatives whatever they need to hear so we can shut them up.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Rubio is toast and I hope the Tea Party of SC can come up with someone to run against Grahamnesty.

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