Rove To Save Vulnerable Democrat Senator?

Photo credit: National Constitution Center (Creative Commons)

Having lost a 17 point lead in a month, North Carolina Democrat Senator Kay Hagan is in big political trouble. Her blood is in the water, and the sharks are closing in on her.

North Carolina is swimming in the opposite direction of its neighbor, Virginia. The Tar Heel State is run by Republicans, and many of them are conservatives. One of them who is not a conservative is Thom Tillis; and predictably, he is Karl Rove’s candidate in the coming Republican primary to run against Hagan.

Although he is the Speaker of North Carolina’s House, Tillis is not a reflection of the conservative energy that brought his party a clean sweep of Raleigh. He let the state’s gas tax cap expire and has expressed his feeling that North Carolina’s marriage Amendment, which affirmed marriage as a union of a man and a woman, would “probably be overturned.” While he may be right, saying this tips his hand about a basic conservative issue.  Tillis is not leading the fight to reduce the size of government, as must be demanded of a Speaker whose very position was made possible by conservative voters.

More than this, Tillis seems to be unconcerned with the state’s illegal immigration problem, which is glaringly obvious to anyone even driving south on I 95.

This brings us to Tillis’ shameful leadership of the effort to ram through a pro-illegal alien bill that must have the pro-amnesty Karl Rove’s heart beating faster.

Tillis is a big government, pro-tax, pro-illegal alien model of that kind of puppet Karl Rove wants to fill our senate with. If you think for a minute that anything in his background besides being a sure vote for amnesty is important to Karl Rove, think again.

His fake conservative American Crossroads organization is already running spots in North Carolina attacking Kay Hagan. This is designed to endear him to voters who don’t know his real agenda, which is exactly how he hopes to stab us in the back.

The irony of Rove’s furtive support of a “Democrat lite” is that it will fail. By Election Day 2014, if the Republicans in the House cave and hand the Democrats amnesty, conservatives will stay home (and Hagan will be easily reelected.) He will have put both America and his own consulting business to death.

Candidates only use consultants when they think they can win.


Photo credit: National Constitution Center (Creative Commons)    

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  1. Rove is a typical old GOP person

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I have no use what so ever for that idiot Karl Rove and that is why I quit the Horry County Republican club.Karl is a blowhard whose crossroads organization only help those who fllow in what he wants.I think Rove is the secret eapon for the democrap party.

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