Romney’s Lead Among Veterans A “Big Deal”

romney soldiers Romney’s lead among veterans a “Big deal”
A new Rasmussen survey released yesterday finds Mitt Romney with a 59/35 lead over Barack Obama among America’s 21.8 million veterans.

So is this a Dopey Joe Biden “Big %^&king deal”? You bet it is.

In 2008, John McCain, himself an honorably discharged veteran with a true claim to war hero status, won the veteran’s vote by just 10 points (54/44) which was 6 points off the margin George Bush enjoyed while beating John Kerry in 2004. In a down year for Republican turnout the veteran turnout was 15.8 million or 71% which was 6 points higher than even the African American turnout.

The vast majority of veterans are White males who are already supporting Romney at about a 70/30 rate.

The 35% of veterans expressing support for Obama are likely represented by the 2.4 million African Americans and 1.2 million Hispanics among the total number of American veterans. This is also good news for Romney given that both groups have expressed enthusiasm to vote ratios clearly below that of Whites.

Almost half of America’s veterans are 65 and older putting them in an age group that shows both the highest likelihood to vote and is the only large demographic group won by McCain.

As of 2010 at least 12 percent of the people in Wyoming Montana Maine and Virginia were veterans. This means little in Wyoming, but it could present a serious problem for Montana’s Democrat Jon Tester and it will present a serious problem for Barack Obama in Virginia and a smaller problem for him in Maine where the winds have been blowing to the Right since 2010.

The key state of Florida has over 1.6 million veterans living in it. This alone will help make a replay of Barack Obama’s 2008 victory in the Sunshine State substantially more difficult.

Among all voters those who are veterans are 20 points more likely to own a gun than non-veterans, which could also become a factor in November.

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