Romney Tax Flap Highlights Liberal Hypocrisy

Mitt Romney speech 3 SC Romney tax flap highlights liberal hypocrisy

Much has been made recently about Mitt Romney’s reluctance to release a dozen years of tax returns at the request of his political opponents. He’s under no legal obligation to do so, having released as many years of returns as the previous Republican presidential candidate, John McCain.

Even some on the right are saying he should give in and release the documents, though I personally wish he’d use the opportunity to highlight the many documents the Obama administration refuses to release, e.g., his authentic birth certificate or records concerning the Fast and Furious debacle. Call me a right-wing extremist (please), but I’d rather know details surrounding the murder of an American border patrol agent and hundreds of Mexican nationals than whether Mitt Romney took advantage of a legal tax break.

There are many theories surrounding why he won’t release the returns, but the fact remains that, as of the writing, that’s the decision he’s made. Those on the other side of the aisle making such an issue out of it must be willing to practice what they preach, right? Sorry for the facetiousness; of course they aren’t!

Just days ago, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was one of the more vocal in the liberal band demanding Romney release the tax documents. When asked why she refused to release her own tax returns, she immediately called the entire issue “a distraction.” Pelosi is far from the only hypocrite in the legislative body – reports indicate just 17 of the House’s 535 members produced tax returns when requested.

Turning the tables on reporters, Pelosi asked whether they thought “the same standard should be held to the ownership of the news media in the country who are writing these stories about all of this.” Deflection, along with blame and invective, are among the few weapons left in the leftist’s arsenal, and they constantly prove they are not afraid to use them.

Under normal circumstances, I’d probably recommend Romney release the requested records. Considering the absolute stonewalling by the Obama administration on any number of issues, though, Romney should produce documents only when the country’s current leadership agrees to do the same. I’m not holding my breath.

B. Christopher Agee founded The Informed Conservative in 2011. Follow him on Twitter @bcagee.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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  1. Disgusted says:

    This is a case of “do as I say, not as I do”. It is ok for them to break every rule, every law, and trash the Constitution whenever they feel like it, but should anyone else dare to do the same, they will scream bloody murder……………and deflect anything that might put their own lawlessness and deviant behavior in the wrong “light”, or, actually bring it INTO THE LIGHT FOR ALL TO SEE, just how dirty they are, and how many skeletons they have in their OWN CLOSETS! Pig Faced Botoxed out of her brains, Piglousy, is third in line as one of Americas Worst Criminals, right underneath Eric “Withholder” and on top of the List, is Barack HUSSAIN Obama! In there not to far down the list is John Bonehead Boehner, John Roberts, Cankles Clinton, and Maxine Waters, just to mention a few of Americas Worst Enemies. It is a long list, including members of the not so “supreme” court, a court of Jesters if ever there was one in this country! And it includes the members of the House of Representitives, the Senate, and Congress. No, this is not politically correct, which by any other name, is Supression of Our Freedom of Speech! We still have the right to say what is true, and when that right is denied in any way, it is then that we no longer live in the United States of America, but in the State of IS SLIME (islam), and under the evil that goes by the name of Shariah law. Meant for only mu SLIMES, who have no brains of their own, but belong instead to the dirty, toothless old perverts known as imams……..or as we call them, PERVERTS WITH A GOD COMPLEX! Power hungry old demons! Now, this is what I feel, and my mind has spoken!!!!!

  2. Disgusted says:

    And when OBUTTHOLE releases his own not so “transparent” documents, then he and his criminal element might have the right to ASK that Romney releases his tax returns. Until then, old Purple lips and his fellow lips, should close their own mouths, and start opening and releasing their own HIDDEN DOCUMENTS! It might help if the “media” would unglue their mouths from the behind of this nasty Disease who is an Infection of the worst kind! They have become infected with the same dishonest disease that He IS! He IS A LIVING, BREATHING, WALKING, TOXIC, DEADLY DISEASE THAT SPREADS LIKE WILDFIRE ON DRY BRUSH! He has infected this nation with his brand of Disease!!!!

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