Romney Portends Alf Landon’s Failure, Not Reagan’s Victory

Mitt Romney CPAC 2011 SC Romney portends Alf Landon’s failure, not Reagan’s victory

I want to see Mitt Romney beat Barack H. Obama for President. But I don’t think it is going to happen. I think he is the wrong GOP candidate at the wrong time. Like Alf Landon in 1936.

I cringe when I hear the pro-Romney pundits reference Ronald Reagan’s 1980 come-from-behind victory as inspiration for a Romeny victory in 2012. I think some of those pundits may never have been in the same room with Ronald Reagan in making their comparison of him to Romney. There is no comparison. Reagan’s personality and ability to connect with the average person is unparalled, and perhaps only Barack Obama and Bill Clinton approach his charisma. And they will both be center-stage next week at the Democrat convention making mince-meat of Romney.

Romney is not Ronald Reagan, by personality or policy. But he is more than a little like Alf Landon, the GOP “whiz-kid” from Kansas (and Kansas Governor) whom Republicans put up against a one-term incumbent Democrat President under very similar economic times in 1936. That Democrat was Franklin Roosevelt, who followed a conservative Republican named Herbert Hoover. Hoover was blamed for harming the national economy and causing the Great Depression during his one term. Roosevelt beat Hoover in part by blaming him for the bad economy and promising he would aggressively attack unemployment with massive government spending projects. (Are you seeing the parallels yet?)

But by the 1936 election, things weren’t getting that much better. Unemployment was an amazing 16.9%. Roosevelt was criticised by the GOP for instigating socialistic programs in his New Deal platform. So they turned to Governor Landon as the man to beat Roosevelt.

Landon was a banker and oilman, a wealthy and successful businessman who turned to politics and was elected Governor. A Methodist, he was known as a fiscal conservative who was not so strongly conservative on social issues and even supported some aspects of Roosevelt’s New Deal. But Labor unions hated Landon. Landon won the GOP nomination on the first ballot. (Still seeing the parallels?)

Read More at CA Political Review. By James V. Lacy.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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  1. disgusted says:

    I don’t know who exactly wrote this, but I hope you are wrong. Really wrong, because if you aren’t wrong, this country will go down hill even faster than it is already going. There IS no one else to choose from, we only have TWO CHOICES, and one is just SIMPLY NOT A CHOICE! That one is Barack HUSSAIN Obama! He is NOT A CHOICE! And anyone else who is not on the ticket as the nominee, to cast a vote, to write their name in would be casting a VOTE FOR THE CURRENT DISASTER IN OFFICE! And when the votes are counted, and we are stuck with this peice of waste from only GOD knows where, the people who made the choice to CAST A VOTE FOR OBAMA BY WAY OF BEING STUBBORN, BY CUTTING OUR NOSES OFF TO SPITE OUR FACES WILL HAVE ONLY THEMSELVES TO BLAME! We all complain and bitch about Congress and the others not being able to agree and get the jobs done, but when it comes down to it, and we, the people behave the same as they do, we are no better than those whom we hold responsible for what we now face, our demise! We either UNITE, or we FALL! It is THAT SIMPLE! Don’t look at me when the crap hits the fan, if it does, for I refuse to vote for anyone else other than MITT ROMNEY AND PAUL RYAN! Because I don’t have a choice! Ron Paul lost the nomination, and does not have enough voters on his side to win him the election, so if we want this trash and his “family” out of our White House, it’s time to come together for the common good of ALL AMERICANS AND DO WHAT WE MUST DO! Whether we LIKE IT OR NOT! Sometimes it is all one can do, swallow pride and do what you have to do in order to SURVIVE!!!!!!!!! Our SURVIVAL IS AT STAKE HERE! Gloom, doom and despair isn’t going to help. And neither is finding fault with what we have, as it is, the Demoncraps are doing their “best” in that regard. Let them do what they do best, destroy and mock us, but we ourselves, must stand together, or we will surely fall together. That is not what I can call a real option. We CANNOT FAIL! IF we do, we FAIL OUR NATION AND OUR OWN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

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