Romney Just 15 Electoral Votes Shy Of The White House?

Mitt Romney with supporters 2 SC Romney just 15 electoral votes shy of the White House?

Take a look at the states and electoral vote totals won by John McCain in 2008 and the states Mitt Romney is likely to win in 2012. When these numbers are put together, they add up this way:

If Romney wins the states won by McCain in 2008, he will have 179 electoral votes (at current electoral vote value for the states).  Add to these the states currently leaning Romney and which Romney is in fact expected to win. They are Indiana 10; North Carolina 15; Virginia 13; Colorado 9; and Florida 29. With these additions, Romney’s total electoral vote grows to 255.

This would leave Romney needing just 15 more votes to win the White House. Winning Ohio (18)–which Romney now leads by 50-48 according to Rasmussen–would put him over the top. Should Ohio fall to the left’s active voter fraud, Romney’s road to 270 electoral votes will be more difficult.

The remaining toss-up states include: Pennsylvania 20; Nevada 6; Iowa 6; Wisconsin 10; Michigan 16; and New Hampshire with 4. Obviously, any combination totaling 15 would work.

Rasmussen has Romney and Obama tied in Wisconsin at 49. This is with a +2 REPUBLICAN sample, 39-37 with independents accounting for the remaining 24%. As Obama won this state by a 56-42 margin in 2008, Romney’s position is quite remarkable, perhaps indicative of the overall mistrust of Wisconsin voters for the president.

Rasmussen gives Romney a 1 point advantage in Iowa, 49-48, a state which Obama won 54-45 in 2008. Romney overcame a 2 point Obama lead at the beginning of October.

During the course of the year, Pennsylvania looked like a state in which Romney would have no chance of successfully competing, let alone winning. But now, Rasmussen has Romney down 5 after trailing by double-digits for months. In fact, Romney has made up 7 points in the past month.

Can Romney win in PA? As with the rest of the nation, it all depends upon turnout. Throughout the nation, Republicans hold a significant edge in enthusiasm. Fed up with a Marxist agenda and anti-American treachery, GOP voters are believed to be more likely to go to the polls than Democrats and in significant numbers! Also, as Pennsylvania was to be a shoe in for Obama, the left has not taken the time to plan and organize the itinerary of voter fraud necessary to guarantee victory. The Regime was taken off guard. This could make a big difference on Election Day, assuming New Black Panthers are unable to scramble “assets” throughout the state on short notice.

There is one other possibility. Given the gains Romney has made during the month of October, it’s possible he could fool most pollsters and voters alike by securing a near-landslide victory over Obama. If Republican turnout should exceed that of Democrats as some polls have suggested, and independent voters break big for Romney as many expect them to, a number of “secure” Democrat states could swing to the GOP. Romney might then win over 300 electoral votes as he removes from power the most corrupt president in the nation’s history.

Though Chris Matthews would be desolate, the nation would likely prosper for a generation.

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Photo Credit : Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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  1. I am hoping and praying that God is on our side, and that Obama gets trounced on the 6th by a huge Landslide!! If that happens we could all meet up at the White House on the 7th and Arrest Obama for all of his malfeasance during his Term!! Arrest him for his Complicity in the Murders of Brian Terry, Manny Zapata, Ambassador Stevens and the 3 others from Benghazi, arrest him for Misappropriations on Taxpayer money…thinking a huge RICO case here, since he has been funneling Money and weapons to known Terrorists, aiding and abetting Terrorist Organizations, his activities that involved moving Illegal Narcotics, weapons, and the Slave trade with Mexican Cartels, and the list could go on and on!! We should also Arrest Holder for his Complicity in all of these actions as well!

  2. Puddentain says:

    I'm not so optimistic. I don't like the fact that some of this polling equipment is controlled by software that is registering "Obama" even though the voter selected "Romney"!!!…….AND,,in Ohio we have Democrats bringing busloads of Somalians to vote and they don't even speak english!!….They have an interpreter telling them who to vote for and the interpreter has been selected by the Democrats!!!

    I think the Republicans are naive enough to let Obama just walk away with it. Why not? They have allowed him to seal his college records, exist as an illegal immigrant in the Whitehouse, allowed executive privilege to cover up the Brian Terry murder and so far only fought the Benghazi scandal with media coverage….ALL WITHOUT filing the paperwork for impeachment!!!.

    I mean how much more does it take to prove that Obama will (and can) do ANYTHING and get by with it because Congress is allowing him to do it!!!…..While the Republicans might put up a SMALL argument they aren't following through the way older generations (50 years ago) would have in the face of adversity……..I hope I'm wrong but I don't have a good feeling about this.

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