Romney Criticizes Obama For Not Meeting Netanyahu

netanyahu obama SC Romney Criticizes Obama For Not Meeting Netanyahu

NEW YORK (Official Wire) — Republican Mitt Romney is criticizing President Barack Obama for not planning to meet in person with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next week, calling it “confusing and troubling.”

Romney said at a New York fundraiser Friday that Israel is America’s “closest ally” and “best friend in the Middle East.” He urged Obama to meet with Netanyahu surrounding the start of United Nations General Assembly meetings next week.

The White House has denied published reports that Obama had rejected Netanyahu’s request for a meeting with the president in Washington next week, saying no such request was made or rejected.

Read more at Official Wire. By Ken Thomas.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    If Neteyahu was donating to Obugholes re-elction campaign he definitely would have meet with him.The man has thatother half black Rice go around telling Chris Wallace how Obughole has Israels back when we know he's another Brutus.Ben should say to Obutthole ET Tu barack.

  2. Romney is presidential, not like the fool in the Oval office who is seldom in the Oval office.

  3. I do not understand how there can still be people who would vote for Obama…They need Stupid stamped on their forehead so we can see who they are and avoid them at all costs….No thinking person could vote for him. We seem to have too many brain dead people who are able to walk into the place to vote. Brain scanners are needed to see if anything is inside.

  4. That's because he is a muslim .
    Anybody can see that.

  5. I'D much rather meet with Bibi Netanyahu, than Dave Letterman, any old day!!!!

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