Could Conservatives Finally Get A Voice In The Republican Party.

A common concern among conservative Republicans during presidential primaries is the dearth of moderators who share their ideological viewpoint. As centrist and leftist mainstream media figures generally take the helm during debates, it can be difficult for right-wing candidates to get a fair shake, many contend.

The Republican National Committee, however, aims to address this issue with a new rule set to go into effect during the 2016 presidential cycle.

According to an exclusive report by, the upcoming Republican primary debates will exclusively feature conservative journalists as moderators.

Furthermore, the RNC indicates it is in the process of selecting a committee that will not only determine the rules, locations, and media distribution of all debates, but also impose penalties on candidates who venture off in search of peripheral debate opportunities.

“The plan is to have conservative journalists on the debate panel so that conservative activists will have a voice in determining who comes out of the Republican primary,” confirmed RNC Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams.

As has been proven in previous debates, conservative candidates can have a hard time shining with leftist media personalities controlling the conversation. Whether intentional or not, many viewers believe such moderators effectively sabotage the principled Republicans called on to respond to their sometimes loaded lines of questioning.

Sometimes, even journalists with documented backgrounds within the Democrat Party are called on to host primary debates.

This move by the RNC, though, if adequately implemented, could effectively mitigate the potentially negative impact inherent in the status quo.

Of course, the RNC itself has come under attack for its perceived failure to adequately represent the conservative base of the party. At the very least, this new rule indicates an acknowledgement that those voices deserve a more prominent role in the process of selecting the next Republican presidential nominee.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Reince Priebus

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    You mean the RNC wil actually smarten up and not let the DNC run over them.I'll believe it when I swee it.

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