RINOs Plot to Lose 2012, Too

The Republican Party hacks — the ossified leaders who appear to cooperate with the Democrats to help conservative candidates lose primaries and general elections — got exposed for what they really are this week. In some staffer’s mistake (or was it?), a Yahoo News reporter allegedly heard the old has-beens warn against “making personal attacks against President Barack Obama.”

Yahoo’s Rachel Rose Hartman says they warned on their private conference call that to attack Obama personally would be “too hazardous for the GOP.” That means they have told the Tea Party crowd and other conservatives who ask if Obama is even eligible to be president: Don’t Ask, and Don’t Tell.

Where have these creeps been when we needed them to defend good GOP candidates under vicious attacks from the Democrats and their media? In an infuriating revelation of the GOP’s Rules for Losers, we see a repeat of their 2008 game plan that doomed moderate progressive John McCain, who was too much of a gentleman to bring up anything about Obama that might suggest the Democrat should not be elected president. McCain even forbade his staff from using Obama’s legal middle name, Hussein.

I guess McCain thought it was worth losing the election to remain “pure.”

One operative explained why Republicans should repeat the McCain plan in 2012….

Read more from Suzanne Eovaldi at FloydReports.com.

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  1. The RINOs (and we all know who they are) will not have an opportunity after the 2012 election to bugger up any more national elections. Why? Because if they do succeed again this time, the Republican Party will erode to the extent that in 2016 (if there is an election then), the GOP will be a third place minority political party. The Demorats will be the party with the most voters, with whatever the conservative voters call their party coming in second..

  2. VirgoVince says:

    WHY are these RINOs still in office?? Can we lose any of them next year??
    You've seen what happens when STUPID prevails; don't let it happen again!!

  3. William Sankey says:

    This does not suprise me one bit. Iowa has a RINO, Latham, in the house and a questionable one in the Senate. Latham is not bothered by any of the laws Obama has broken and his anti Constitution decisions. He turns a blind eye to Obama's false birth certificate. Latham needs to be removed just like Obama.

  4. Daniel L. Skillman says:

    The problem is that everybody says "All these senators/congressmen who are not doing our will/fighting for America/whatever have to go: except mine". Therein lies the problem; noone will vote out the one(s) that they have the power to vote out, so the song remains the same. Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Until everyone stands up on their hind legs like a mature, intelligent, individual adult and thinks for themself and does what really needs to be done, nothing is going to change.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      What you say is true but I'll tell you now I will work to get my Senator Grahamnesty out and put in someone who will actually do the people bidding

      • In Washington State we have the Queen of Pork, Patty Murray, whose term is not up for a few years – sadly as she has voted party ever since she got in – she hasn't seen an entitlement yet that she hasn't voted for and Maria Cantwell, who is up now, is not much better – both are Democrats. We need to absolutely clean house and institute term limits or we will soon be a third world country. Pelosi and Dirty Harry need to be either impeached or recalled,..and all those congressmen/women who allowed Obama the presidency by not vetting him; they are guilty. Pelosi evidently signed his certification. All should be sent to Gitmo!

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          I really sympathize with you on having the queen of Pork and Cantwell.We need to impeach that crazy ass Barbara Boxhead you know call me senator I deserve it.All she deserves is a jail cell in Gitmo.

    • not everyone pal,im voting against all incumbant here in mo.that b*tch mccaskill has to go!

  5. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Haven't the Republicans realized yet that the first one to stand up and admonish Obammy, and all he has done, will get the majority votes of Americans? Haven't they realized the one who stands up and says they also hate what Obammy has placed in law, and they will do whatever it take to change it, will get my vote?

    Guess not.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    RINOS out sounds good I'm tired of seeing the reublicans caving into people like that old Slut with more plsatic in her Pelosi. It is time to rise up and make AMERICA great again and quit caving to political correctness.

  7. This is the biggest problem our country has, the USURPING MORON Obama CANNOT prove his U.S. Citizenship, much less PROVE his "eligibility" to be in the White House! How can this stupid Congress allow this MORON Obama t run for reelection when, after three years of Obama's BS, he continues to PROVE he is even a legal U.S. Citizen! This moron's actions have all been Anti-American! Hell, he even started a war without even consulting Congress! This MORON Obama has committed more IMPEACHABLE Acts in three years time, than all of the previous Presidents of the country, including "I didn't have sex with that woman" Clinton! He has got to be IMPEACHED and IMPEACHED soon!

  8. As I have been saying all along. We need to give DC a super, super enema and replace these hacks reps and demos alike with fresh new ideas and faces. They all need to go.

  9. Valerie Jamison says:

    My theory is that McCain intentionally wanted to lose the election. He selected an unknown, controversial VP
    and the trick worked. The media was so busy blasting Palin that McCain towered in the background unnoticed.
    He pretended to give a hoot when he knew that the communists would be taking over the White House. The real question that no one seems to be addressing is why the Republicans in office are not going after the Obama impostor. He is obviously not eligible to run for office and has been making a zillion moves against the constitution. So why isn't congress and the Republicans stopping him. The only answer is that most of them are in bed with the Communist Obama themselves. Heaven help us all.

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