RINO Pollster To GOP: Embrace Amnesty!!

GOP Suicide Amnesty SC

In a recent wishful thinking propaganda piece, the New York Times hit some themes that we’ve seen before, but broke some new ground with quotes from a Republican pollster and a “friendly” Democrat pollster.

After pounding away with the usual tired lies about how racist whites are, it quoted a useful idiot Republican pollster named Fred Steeper, saying, “The Republican Party needs to throw in the towel on the immigration issue.” How much wrong can you pack into one stupid head?

In spite of solid statistical evidence that had Mitt Romney won even 70% of the Hispanic vote he would still have lost, both Steeper and the Times parrot the same Democrat/GOPe/Chamber of Commerce line about not alienating Hispanics. This is, of course, followed by the charge that white racism is at the bottom of the “problem” for Republicans running for president in the future – and naturally, the Democrats and the media want to help the GOP out of its problem presumably to bring about “fair fight elections” in the future.

To support this ludicrous assertion, the Times tells us that, “By 2008, Mr. Obama sought to dial back talk of race in his campaign to become America’s first black president.” Willful blindness and lies like this are why we can never trust or really negotiate with liberals. They remind us that talking to these people should always only be a stalling tactic designed to buy time to find a way to kick them in the teeth.

Stanley Greenberg, a Democrat pollster, is also quoted telling us that in his survey of Republican voter sentiments, despite an almost complete absence of “explicitly racial talk,” he KNOWS it is there.

Reporting as if it is unfounded, Greenberg reports that Republicans are anxious about “[Democrat] big government [programs] meant to create rights and dependency and electoral support from mostly minorities who will reward the Democratic Party with their votes.” Wow, that’s deep, Stan.

Greenberg’s position begs attention to his own recently released Democracy Corps findings showing that House Democrat incumbents are in trouble heading into 2014, a warning echoing what he said in 2009 prior to the Democrats’ landslide loss in 2010.

Clearly, listening to people like Steeper, Greenberg, the GOPe, and the New York Times is a losing strategy for Republicans who actually want to win next year.

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