RINO Faces Fierce Tea Party Opposition

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Despite the wishful predictions of many D.C. insiders, including a large number of Republicans, the Tea Party has not withered away and died during Obama’s second term. If anything, a backlash brought on by the disastrous implementation of ObamaCare has only made the conservative alternative more appealing.

Many voters remain not only disillusioned with Democrat leadership but also with the lackluster response of GOP legislators. In response, many establishment Republicans will face uphill battles in next year’s midterm elections as they square off against Tea Party-backed hopefuls.

One such campaign is already shaping up in Texas, where popular conservative Congressman Steve Stockman recently announced his intention to unseat Republican heavyweight John Cornyn in the U.S. Senate.

Stockman revealed to World Net Daily that he recently filed the paperwork required to begin the campaign. He cited Cornyn’s unwillingness to stand firmly against ObamaCare as his decision to run against the incumbent senator.

“We are extremely disappointed in the way he treated his fellow congressmen,” he explained, suggesting Cornyn “broke the 11th Commandment and undermined Ted Cruz’s fight to stop ObamaCare.”

Furthermore, he noted that Cornyn “sided with the president, essentially, in making sure ObamaCare became law while Cruz did everything possible to stop it.”

In the end, he noted, “it looks like Cruz was right and Cornyn was wrong.”

He also criticized Cornyn’s posturing on the issue for apparent political gain.

“He made a big show of removing his name from a letter supporting Cruz,” Stockman added.

Though Stockman concedes he has a tough race ahead of him, he said the cause is worth possibly losing his current congressional seat. In order to seek a Senate position, he is required by law to relinquish his spot in the U.S. House.

“I know John is in the habit of attacking conservatives,” Stockman concluded, though he is confident conservatives in his state will respond positively to his principled policy positions. Almost immediately after announcing his intention, the candidate began receiving Tea Party endorsements.

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin confirmed Stockman “has proven himself to be a fighter for freedom,” explaining that America could use “more senators who will do the same.”

For his part, Stockman is anticipating a “vigorous campaign” based on issued that affect Texans and all Americans.

“I don’t know that I can beat him,” he confirmed, “but I am sure going to try.”

While many of his colleagues make calculated moves to prevent opposition, it is refreshing to see a politician take on such a challenge for all the right reasons.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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