Rick Perry Just Gave Obama The Solution To America’s Biggest Threat! How Will Obama Respond?


The White House announced plans of President Obama’s trip to Texas next week to visit not the border, but the cities of Austin and Dallas to fundraise for Democrats.  Republican Governor Rick Perry invited Obama to tour the Texas/Mexico border to see firsthand what is happening there.

The Texas Governor appeared on Fox & Friends to give his perspective on the surge of undocumented immigrants that have been flooding into his state.  “The president needs to secure the border.  That is the first item of business and one that he has failed on now for over five years. And without securing the border, without standing up and saying ‘this border is going to be secure,’ the American people do not trust him.  And they don’t trust Washington to implement any policies that would deal with the issue of immigration.”

Governor Perry suggested that if Obama wanted to curtail the migration of these young people coming to America from Central America, then a diplomatic reach to the leaders of those countries is needed to get engaged–or the U.S. will cut off all foreign aid.

Perry blames the Obama administration for sending out the message for too many years to “come on up and cross the border and you can become a United States citizen.”  The Governor wrapped up his remarks by offering to show Obama how to secure the border, if he is serious about doing so: “We can show him how to do that.  But I haven’t had a phone call from this president.”

The one-time Republican presidential hopeful concluded his comments: “He’s coming next week.  He’s coming for a fund-raiser.  If he doesn’t go to the border, I think it’s a real reflection of his lack of concern about what’s really going on there.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Barry the fairy will never go down to the border unless Rick Perry gives this greedy half black monkey money .He'll do anything for a buck even shine the shoes of arab leaders.

  2. why don't these videos work on this website?

  3. I agree with Perry, with the stop the foreign aide. we should have done that years ago. Plus, JUST CLOSE THE FREAKING BORDERS!

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