Rewrite Of Senate Bill Could Let Feds Spy On E-mail Without Obtaining A Search Warrant

us capitol building SC Rewrite of Senate bill could let feds spy on e mail without obtaining a search warrant

Alas, the holiday season is upon us and instead of exemplifying gratitude or imagining sugar plums in our heads, Congress is set to shred our Fourth Amendment and dump the confetti in our stockings.

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According to chief political correspondent for CNET, Declan McCullagh, a Senate proposal originally was going to protect e-mail privacy until law enforcement complained.

Those complaints prompted Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy, to rewrite the bill as a package of amendments, which essentially allows the authorization of warrantless access to American’s e-mails.

Note: These efforts to undermine our Constitutional rights are hardly surprising given that a federal judge recently ruled that police can place hidden surveillance cameras on private property without obtaining a warrant.

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  1. People are stupid enough to vote for this freak, and wish this upon themselves, then what else can we expect, but more nosiness into our affairs? When this freak was running for office the first time around, and all this “hope and change” garbage rolled off his fat, purple lying lips, people were like dogs, eating the vomit he spewed. I saw an episode of a show on AMC once not too long ago, where a politician was “feeding” this group of men a load of horse crap. His comment after the men had left the room was something like this “feed them shite, and they eat it up, the more shite you feed them, the more they eat it up!” And this was back after the First Civil War……….this politician was correct then, and his words are even more correct and fitting in todays political septic tank which is full of the same “shite” that it was starting to fill up with in those days and times. People are just too stupid, and this is why our country is in the sickening shape we now find our country involved in. Liars and thieves are what run this nation. And we have the Biggest Liar and Thief in office right now! Which is why we are going to lose our privacy and so much more. Stupid people begat stupider people. Most cannot find their rearends with a flashlight, directions and a map! Davy Crockett one is supposed to have said that “if my nearest neighbor is 5 miles away, that is too close”. And I couldn’t agree more, as I’d most dearly love to live so far away from people and their stupidity that I’d never see a human being for years! And certianly not have to see and hear the garbage that flows from this nations once great CAPITOL city! Sickening, disgusting and revolting is todays world. I don’t think there is any place far enough away from the human race that a person could go. And to have my privacy invaded is just about the worst insult of all!

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