“Reverend” Al Should Crawl Back Under His Rock

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I find myself with great sympathy for those in Ferguson, Missouri who have a serious problem with both the local police department’s handling of the killing of a young man and the subsequent handling of the perfectly legitimate protests that followed.

I also have a problem with the Al Sharptons of the world who rushed to Ferguson to fan the flames.

I grew up about 150 miles north in Peoria, Illinois; so I have some personal experience in the area.

Does the St. Louis area have a long history of racism? You bet. I’m just old enough to remember Chet Walker, playing basketball for Bradley University, as one of the first black players in the Missouri Valley Conference. When they played St. Louis University at the old Kiel Auditorium, they used to have to stop the game periodically to sweep up the broken glass from the beer bottles thrown at Walker by the crowd while they called Chet the Jet a “nigger.” That’s hard for an eight-year-old kid to forget, even 54 years after the fact.

Is that racism still in evidence? Apparently.

There’s simply no excuse for a town being 66% black and having only three out of fifty black police officers. What the hell can the city fathers be thinking? In the immortal words of Judge Judy, “don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining outside.” You can yammer about changes in demographics, but the fact is that there is no way a statistic like that happens by accident.

So when a flaming arrow hits a natural tinderbox, all hell breaks loose.

Now, I’m not prepared to indict the officer who killed the young man–although it doesn’t look like there’s a really good explanation other than he just screwed up. After all, this is hardly the first police officer to pull a trigger when he probably should have thought the better of it. Las Vegas is littered with bodies (and Federal investigations) on that basis.

And, in fairness, the young man’s parents called for peace almost immediately.

But the response to those demonstrations was for the city and the county to show up with more military equipment than we used in Baghdad. In fact, much of it probably had been there and came home when President Obama pulled us out.

The way you deal with a sensitive situation like this is not with fully automatic M-16s aimed at demonstrators.

And grown-ups ought to know that.

Much of the media and the usual race baiters should be ashamed of themselves save for one thing—they do have a point in this case.

As did the demonstrators who assembled at the Bundy Ranch last April.

You have the absolute right in this country to demonstrate against an obvious wrong. Or virtually anything, for that matter. And a young man being shot to death in front of a crowd for no apparent reason is absolutely as wrong as the Federal Government stealing a family’s livelihood to protect a turtle.

A military response by civilian agencies to both situations is incredibly wrong.

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  1. Ted Parrish says:

    Simple answer to why the police are "militarizing". News media sugar coats it with the label "civil unrest", which is another ID for revolution…it's coming. They know it. They also know you can't win a revolution with a shotgun. On Michael Brown…watch the videos and recall this…."I dream of the day when my people shall not be judged by the color of their skin, BUT BY THEIR CHARACTER". Need I say more?

    • john sullivan says:

      Much more simple answer, martial law, It's coming.

      • I think we should just impeach this so called president. They have enough evidence on him and Hillary for the terrific work they collaberated on Bengazi shoud we say more. And wait didn't that President say we will negotiate with terrorist, and didn't he go right ahead and trade 5 terrorist for 1 so called soldier that was sleeping with the enemy. They should all walk up 13 steps and get a nylon necktie, sorry maybe shouldn't have said that since there are so many out there that voted his worthless self in. I bet if they could they would have never got out of bed to bother with his nonsense. If you voted for him I am so sorry for your thought process or the lack there of.

  2. At one time they referred this as inciting racial tensions. It is poison anyway you measure and should not be tolerated. I do believe the Reverend is prejudice towards white and other races. Pretty sad when you believe a country with freedom should be united not divided. Makes me sad as violence seems to spawn more violence. Simply take a hard look at the Middle East as an example.

  3. Ed Koziol says:

    A rock is to good for al he should crawl back under the pile of shit he came from.Al is the most useless piece of trash going yet it seems everyone wants to kiss his black ass

  4. Its time he was buried under a rock!!!

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