Republicans Just Sent Obama The Birthday Gift He Needed Most, Even If He Didn’t Want It


Today is President Barack Obama’s birthday – and he doesn’t want anyone to forget it, as this video reveals.

In honor of this momentous occasion, various people have taken different approaches to commemorate it.

MAD Magazine chose to celebrate by sharing this fitting image:

Others made fun of the DNC’s efforts to get as many people as possible to sign Obama’s birthday card:

The humor didn’t stop there.

Contrary to the Democrats’ attempt at getting signatures for the President’s birthday card, the Republicans chose to give him a more meaningful present: Obama Bday U.S. Constitution   And in honor of it being his 53rd birthday, the NRCC chose to give Obama a list of 53 things he should avoid celebrating. Here are three of them. Via NRCC:

1. The failed launch of

2. The fact that has cost almost $1 billion.

3. Your “If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It” Lie of the Year.

Of course, these are just a few of the many wishes the President has received today. Happy Birthday Obama!  We hope among these celebratory wishes you will stop to ponder your last six years as Commander in Chief of what was once the greatest nation in the world.

What would you have gotten Obama for his birthday?

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  1. Justin Morris says:

    A bullet to the head sounds like an appropriate gift for the traitor.


      • Linda A. says:

        He is NO President of America, in name only, Bath House Barry, Barry the muslim is America's number one enemy who is destroying the Country from with in. What Congress should demand is to open those sealed records, we as Americans have a right to know who is this POS? he is passing laws through E.O. that are effecting all of us in a negative way. Who the Hell is this man? We need to know!!

        If his sealed records were open that would prove what we suspected all along about Bath House Barry and would send this lying POS criminal to prison where he belongs. I personally would never refer to him as my President, he is NO President!!! but a Traitor!!!

    • I concede. Perfect gift. 50 caliber.

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