Republican Students Confront Spiritual Warfare Unarmed

Islam symbol SC Republican Students Confront Spiritual Warfare Unarmed

Republican students at Portland State University were invaded on May 30 by Islamist students who disrupted their meeting. Confused students wondered why “progressives” and Islamists have so much in common. Answer: The culture of death has two sides (“progressivism,” with its complete disdain and disregard for life at all levels – even to White House operatives wanting to see world population reduced by 80% by any means — and Radical Islam, which embraces death while killing infidels worthy of reward for advancing Islam and Sharia Law.) Ultimately, they will clash just like the Communists and Nazis of the last century.

Since this is spiritual warfare, Republicans should know that Mohammed held the Blessed Virgin Mary as the most important woman in Islam. They also believe in Jesus’ virgin birth. Ultimately, it is the love of God that will overcome all this nonsense. Mary, appearing as Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1531 (Bing it) fulfilled an ancient Aztec prophecy on the hill of Tepeyac and saved the forebears of the modern Latino from horrific human sacrifice practiced by the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans. Maybe when we’re ready to admit our own failing to defend our freedoms, she’ll appear at Mecca during Hajj and launch the completion of the mystery of God’s love for all humankind made in His image and likeness.

You’ve been fed dreck in your education and are ill-equipped to deal with the powers of evil – even those who may innocently serve it – like or Emily’s List (even militant Muslims who have tasted freedom and have been taught to hate it.)

The first step is for true Liberals to separate themselves from their “progressive” masters and join Conservatives and Libertarians in creating again the balance of Constitutional rapport that made this country great. Hell, if you’re not a liberal in college, you are part of a rarefied atmosphere in academia. Everyone has the opportunity to grow up. – I’m only 78 and still trying to figure it out!

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