Republican Racial Catch 22

Nadra Enzi Republican Racial Catch 22

Author’s Note: This is my American History Month (Black Liberal History Month alternative) message to the GOP and the Black community:

Obama’s second victory sent the GOP into its usual clumsy rendition of what I call “Republican Racial Catch 22.”

Racial Catch 22 is the impasse White Republicans and Black citizens experience by unspoken mutual consent- despite pundit carping.

The GOP doesn’t have more Black members because that’s a choice neither group has made in large measure.

The top two reasons include irreconcilable differences in ideology, and, in bold print in many minds, racism.

I’d like to parse the racism claim as follows:

Can Republican Black membership swell when most of their mental interpretations of the acronym G-O-P spells K-K-K?

No amount of ham-handed claims of MLK being Republican (not unusual for his generation) or recitation of notable American Black appointees will easily dispel this programming.

Conversely, numerous White Republicans skeptically dismiss increasing Black membership given our image of a group of die-hard socialists like Van Jones.

Giving Obama and any Demo-crack dealer on the ballot almost 100% of our voter turnout doesn’t fill GOP numbers crunchers with hope.

This is the Republican Racial Catch 22: a party whose bitter irony is that its ancient role in going to war over Black enslavement is now viewed as the enemy of our modern advancement.

Until White Republicans and Black voters finally decide to talk and work together at the local level upward, debating the expanding of the GOP’s Black membership is just whistling Dixie.

As founder of American History Month, the alternative to Black (Liberal) History Month, my advice comes from its motto:

“Celebrate U.S.- Not Us Verses Them!”

White Republicans and Black folks haven’t had enough adults step up and force them to play in the same political sandbox, instead of rock-throwing from across America’s partisan playground.


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