Republican House Leader Covered Up For Obama Regime

Eric Cantor Official Portrait Republican House Leader covered up for Obama Regime

In late October, an FBI agent and whistleblower brought a story of possible Bureau corruption to Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. It was a story of Obama Regime operatives deliberately sacrificing the national security interests of the United States for the president’s political gain.

And what did the Republican house leader do with that information, which—10 days before the election–could have shown that Barack Obama placed his own political advantage above the security of the nation?  Why, naturally, he took the story to just one person–Obama appointee and FBI Director Robert Mueller, the very man who would have been responsible for the betrayal of those security interests in the first place!

On October 27th, Tampa FBI field agent Fred Humphries contacted US Representative David Reichert and told him that the FBI was dragging its feet in an investigation of possible national security leaks. Reichert directed Humphries to the far more politically powerful Eric Cantor who, along with staff members, met with Humphries.

The investigation had been prompted by Humphries when family friend Jill Kelley told the agent that she had received numerous emails she considered threatening. Humphries took the story to Tampa FBI office higher-ups, and the investigation led to Paula Broadwell, mistress of General David Petraeus.

Though the investigation had begun in late spring, little had transpired by October; and Humphries began to suspect that FBI officials were deliberately delaying and covering up in order to spare Barack Obama and the administration any political embarrassment. After all, Obama had put Petraeus in charge of the CIA, the most important, sensitive information gathering agency in the government. The sudden and public explosion of an FBI investigation, which included a sex scandal and possible national security leaks connected to the president’s man at the Agency, would not have helped the Obama campaign.

Most importantly, as a result of his actions, Petraeus had become a prime target for blackmail, given his status as CIA Director and former commanding general in the Middle East. Could he have been passing restricted material to Broadwell or others? Clearly, it was vitally important that the FBI find out!

After meeting with Humphries, Cantor and his staff decided they were “…unable to act on the information [Humphries] was giving them because they doubted his credibility.” Well, don’t United States congressmen have the ability to check on the “credibility” and background of an FBI agent? Cantor would have discovered that Humphries had single-handedly foiled a terror plot and was commended for his service to the nation and the American people. But the Congressman doubted his credibility. Funny, Cantor didn’t doubt the credibility of Obama Administration operative Robert Mueller.

And what did FBI Director Mueller do with the Humphries-supplied information he received from Eric Cantor on October 31st? He waited one full week until November 6th, Election Day, “…to [meet with] James Clapper, the director of national intelligence and David Petraeus’ immediate supervisor…” We have now learned that the House Judiciary Committee “…has written to Robert Mueller to ask why it took him a week to come forward with the information that Frederick Humphries had given him.” (Humphries through Eric Cantor, but Humphries nonetheless!)

So a Republican congressman and House leader had been given information that might have stopped the Obama campaign cold, causing massive embarrassment and difficulty for the man Cantor himself had accused of “instituting an imperial presidency,” mismanaging U.S. foreign policy and the war on terrorism, and “…covering up what really happened when four Americans were killed in Benghazi…”

But rather than act in the best interests of the American people by making Humphries’ story public, by going to Mueller, Cantor put the agent’s career in jeopardy and provided yet another target for the liberal media and the Obama Regime.

It seems Republican cowardice and stupidity grow with each passing year.

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  1. You idiots. The writer of this article potentially has a serious mental defect. Eric Cantor along with the Republicans were in a straitjacket during the last 10 days leading up to the election. One foul word from a Republican could've easily sidetracked the entire Romney attempted taking the presidency. The proof is the Republican gentleman who made the comment about abortion. Can you fathom Eric Cantor stepping forward and opening up something that was way above his pay grade and influence at the time would've been clearly thought as political game for the Republican Party. So the absolute notion that Eric Cantor withheld information is completely false. He did exactly what you should've done and directed the information to the channel of which it should've gone.

    This is like yelling at the ocean for the ship sinking. What kind of clinical morons Write for this publication.
    And get this ridiculous liberal out of the room so he doesn't further confuse the The fact that the Obama administration and Obama himself have committed high treason against this country. it's that plain, it's that simple.

    The entire crew needs to be impeached not just the head communist.

    And that's the memo….

    • LEE, ….You are so bright that you are blinded by your own brightness, my friend!
      Let me make it simple for you;

      The Chicken complains to the Fox about his fellow Fox eating his Chicken friend!

      Got it?!

      • Wow… The purple ostrich jumped through the blue hoop.

        WTF! Babbling idiot.

        I've got an idea, Why doesn't the chicken eat the egg of the other chicken While the FOX watches the other Fox eat the chicken that was eating the egg.

        The sheer stupidity of the duck making these quacks is breathtaking.
        You should call yourself Anti-intelligence.

        • LOL! ~ Thanks for the evening laugh, my friend!
          If it makes you feel better I DO AGREE with you in this area:

          "The fact that the Obama administration and Obama himself have committed high treason against this country. it's that plain, it's that simple.
          The entire crew needs to be impeached not just the head communist."

          LOL!, Sorry I ruffled your feathers with my reply!

    • You are the babbling idiot, Lee, for proferring that the Democratic majority Senate would impeach the head communist and all of his fellow comrades.

  2. Just another reason to rid ourselves of the Rinos and elect true conservatives…IF we ever get the chance again…IF obama is ousted in 2016…which he has no plans to do. Watch our's going to get a whole lot worse.

    • Linda
      Just wondering if his life was threatened by Obama. Was he paid off by Obama to shut his mouth. This would have been the best way to IMPEACH the Idiot!!

    • Harold of Toledo OH says:

      Haven't you heard about Obama going to change the 2 terms limit for president to 3 or more?

  3. Gilberto Garcia says:


    • Right, it is time for the National guard of each state to get together and take over the Federal goverment, we have a few real officers that could lead them because all we have now is a COMMUNIST Federal goverment.

  4. eric white says:

    Fire “OBUMBLE”& friends

  5. FIRE ERIC CANTOR for INCOMPETENCY and get a real "leader" for the House Republican Majority!
    Seems like we are having a lot of problems with our "ERICS" these days!

    I NEVER TRUSTED FBI Director Robert Mueller, who was actually a Bush Jr. appointee that was held-over by Obama! ~ Anyone that has kept abreast over the years realize that Bush Sr (the first to publicly speak on prime-time TV of "a New World Order with its thousand points of light"), Bill Clinton and Bush Jr are all Globalists that cleared the path for Obama! ~ Sadly the majority of people STILL are sound asleep on this, albeit all these "President's" actions speak for themselves!


    • letstakeitback says:

      They are ALL the show puppets of the same puppeteers. They are given different names for the public's general consumption so that we naively occupy each other with mindless bantering.The media is who charged with interfering between you and the TRUTH. Read and Learn. Stop thinking that our future lies in the deliberations and actions of puppets.Pray for America.

  6. To bad this is not the first time Obama has released national security secrets. Like his release of the information to Russia about the Missile Defensive sheild so they could find a way to work around it, any bets that Iran also has the same information? Or how about Obama's inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood inside of our National security network, the White House and the office of the Secretary Of State, and the sudden exposure of our CIA agents in the Middle East and the releasing their Names and their being hunted down and killed. Or how he was allowed to import campaign funds from overseas with impunity.

  7. Then the Republican leaders are traitors to. Is there no end to this governments treachery, there all in cahoots to destroy America, Martial law and the Military are the only way to go, Can we even trust the higher ups in the Military ?

  8. So we have another gift handed to the worthless RINO party and they flush it. With the total lack of tv commercials that could have destroyed BO by way of the fake Romney campaign I will never ever donate to the Republicans again. They are transparent frauds and need to be replaced with a conservative tax payer party. Keep the heat on their worthless butts.

  9. brabbie2002 says:

    Well, DUH!! Why do you think there are so many secession petitions…Ain't nobody in the government you can trust other than Allen West and he is fighting his own battle right now!

  10. AMERICA:
    WE can not win the ballgame if ALWAYS drop the ball. SIMPLE theory in life, if in DOUBT, ask, if the answer if not right, ask a second opinion. We no not know everything in this world. That is why we have friends around to lean on when things go wrong. We have a million chances to IMPEACH OBAMA, but what the Republicans do is 'NOTHING". We can never get something from nothing. TRY AND TRY AGAIN, until we find the right solution to the problem. THE PROBLEM has been Obama, but nobody dared to get to Obama ask ask him "WHERE IS YOUR REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE? Donald Trump should have been the nominee of the Republican, and could have won it. Trump is brave enough to stand to Obama. He has the guts to expose Obama. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. Well, it is not too late, we can still impeach Obama and prosecute him with all his violations he committed. The violations of laws he committed has no expiration. He another 4 years to answer all our questions and charges. If we are not satisfied, then we can simply ask his resignation or ask him to leave the White House.

  11. Barbara Polk says:

    Wonder what it cost the Illuminati to suppress this; hope they indict every one responsible for any dropped stitch and impeach or demote everyone involved. I don't think BO is the main problem but those we have entrusted to represent us int he house or senate. They all need to go home-every one of them that was involved. This is a sad story but glad we still have one provider who does try to give the whole picture. Don't know about you but I only watch FoxNews and I don't know how long we will have them.

  12. Et tu Brute!!!!!
    You ought to be ashamed – you threw America under the bus.
    Every day I get more and more disappointed in the Republican part. Who can
    we trust?

  13. Eric Conter
    somone needs to plant there foth up your ass, get out you trator

  14. Edwardkoziol says:

    I think Cantor thought he was doing the right thing by going to Mueller but he should have realized that Mueller is an Obutthole puppet just like James Crapper and the rest of the Holder gang. These people are interested in justice or saving the US from foreign interference.They look out to protect Jungle Bunny 1 code name for Obutthole. Cantor should have leaked the info to Ed Henry or even Jake Tapper.

  15. Wonder what his reward was?

  16. Evermyrtle says:

    Is there anybody in the government that we can trust, anybody?? Who is there that we can trust?? The communist radical Islamists have taken over.!! WE must pray without ceasing, especially for safety for our children and grandchildren. What a future they face!!!

  17. Someone once said that the dems and the repub’s are the opposing wings on the same bird of of prey.I stretch my imagination to understand how we voters could possibly be more stupid than these arrogant idiots we elect to office…but we are.,

  18. Time to take our country back. Time for secession. Time to let barry and the liberal scumbags keep the garbage they want.

  19. Harold of Toledo OH says:

    Why tell me all of this, when nothing is ever done to anyone in Obama's control, to include the House, who totally screws up and comprimises the security of the United States? I've listened to and read so many criminal activites connected to Barack Obama and his "Angels", which should have put them all in prison.

  20. I just say impeach Obama and also couldn't he be charged with manslaughter for covering up the Benghazi attack causing death of 2 officals and 2 navy seals that could have been prevented? Just so he could have a chance to be re-elected where he can finish destroying American and the rest of the world………………… Cant believe there is AMERICAN people out there that would really re-elect Obama… I am sure he took advantage of the immigrants that can barely understand english!!!!!!! people open your eyes …. and also about this Obamacare … Well we have seen his care for the past 4 years and it hasn't been for the American people…. so what makeS people think this will be better after all he has done??

  21. Obviously, the puppet, King B. O. pefers that just not the military but that also that the CIA should fight for the the King in blind completely binding loyalty. Patraeus may have had a little too much patriotism towards America left in him to be totally reliable as like the other Commander's who were relinquished of duty over Benghazi-gate. One could almost consider it as the purging the Military and various intel agencies. It's a habit of all Dictators to purge their intel, Military and related agencies of potential dis-loyal commanders and officers as well as potential political rivalry previous to any rise of Dictatorship or Authoratarian Rule. Isn't World History wonderful.

  22. Retired Marine says:

    We need to start over. The time is coming, I feel the walls closing in on us. I will not go quietly into the night.

  23. Well shit. If these dickheads would learn to keep their ZIPPERS ZIPPED, and REMEMBER that they are IN THE SPOTLIGHT, IN THE PUBLIC, and LEARN THAT WHEN THEY ARE MARRIED, THEY ARE MARRIED AND ARE TO KEEP THEIR PRIVATE PARTS FOR PRIVATE BEHAVIOR IN THEIR OWN BEDROOMS WITH THEIR WIVES! Did you HEAR ME, YOU DICKHEADED DIMWITS, THINK WITH THE BRAIN THAT IS INSIDE YOUR SKULLS AND NOT THE ONE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO STAY IN YOUR PANTS!!!!! What a BUNCH OF LECHEROUS LOSERS, THE LOT OF YOU, FROM JFK RIGHT ON DOWN TO THIS RECENT DICKHEAD! The only one who seems to keep his pants zipped is the FREAK IN OFFICE, and IF he doesn’t keep it zipped, HE IS AT LEAST CAREFUL OF NOT GETTING CAUGHT, OR TWEETING ABOUT HIS LITTLE “ESCAPADES”! Sexual misconduct has brought more down from their “perches” than any other stupid behavior in that sesspool of feces! They ALL sicken me, and sicken anyone left in this IMMORAL COUNTRY OF IMMORAL IDIOTS WHO THINK MORE ABOUT WHO THEY CAN SCREW THAN HOW TO KEEP FROM BEING SCREWED! Dumbasses! sex. find something to do that is constructive. Do your JOBS, and stay out of bedrooms that do not BELONG TO YOU! IDIOT MEN! No wonder I never want another man in my life, married twice, and that is the two lessons I learned very well indeed.

  24. Sign the petition to have a new election or to have recount of the election

  25. Sign the petition to have a new election or to have recount of the election

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