Report: Traffickers Use A Surprising Method To Teach Illegals What To Say

Photo credit: Boss Tweed (Flickr)

As illegals continue to flood across America’s southern border, many are convinced that authorities in their home countries are encouraging the northern migration by affirming the Obama administration’s refusal to enforce federal laws.

One Guatemalan woman recently told Border Patrol officers that she was assured prior to her journey that, once in America, she would be allowed to stay.

“People told me, they said if you go to the United States, your children can go to school,” she said in an interview with CNS News.

Some of those perpetrating the endless assault on America’s immigration laws, however, go even further to ensure illegals will be embraced by U.S. authorities. As The Blaze reported this week, border guards have found a number of startling documents apparently drafted to teach illegals exactly how to answer officers’ questions in order to have the best chance of avoiding deportation.

One Department of Homeland Security source confirmed that many of these “illegal alien cheat sheets” are destroyed prior to their owners’ arrival at the border. The documents authorities have found, though, tell a very specific story.

“It’s proof they are told what to say,” the official confirmed.

Reports indicate that one sheet recovered near the border included a list of questions, along with the recommended responses handwritten below.

For example, an inquiry regarding the whereabouts of an illegal’s father should be answered with, “I don’t know him or even his name.”

A number of specific responses are included for any question regarding why an illegal left his or her country. Written in Spanish, the sheet suggests reasons such as poverty, fear of the government, and fear of gangs.

Additionally, border-crossers are instructed to affirm they were told that if they brought a child into America, they would be allowed to remain in the country.

In reality, the majority of those arriving in the U.S. illegally are being released into the general population, regardless of their answers to authorities’ questions. As the DHS source told The Blaze, federal agents previously held illegals until they could face a court hearing; however, overcrowding has made that approach unfeasible.

“Now we have to let everyone go because we have no space,” the source said. “The administration also makes it impossible to do our job and deport them.”

Photo credit: Boss Tweed (Flickr)

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