Repeal ObamaCare Bill Passes House

Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times

House Republicans on Wednesday scored their first victory in their long-shot bid to scrap President Obama’s health care overhaul, delivering a repeal bill to the Senate and a stiff rebuke of White House policy that will help shape the political landscape over the weeks, months and years to come.

In one of its first acts since winning the House, the new Republican majority passed the repeal bill on a mostly party-line vote, fulfilling a campaign promise many of them made to voters last year, but now the effort moves on to the more substantive task of writing an alternative to the law Mr. Obama signed in March.

“Repeal means paving the way for better solutions that will lower the costs without destroying jobs or bankrupting our government,” House Speaker John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican, said. “Let’s work together to put into place reforms that lower the costs without destroying jobs or bankrupting our government. Let’s challenge ourselves to do better.”

The vote was 245 to 189, with three Democrats joining all Republicans. The Democrats who voted for repeal were Reps. Mike Ross of Arkansas, Dan Boren of Oklahoma and Mike McIntyre of North Carolina.

While the outcome of the vote basically has been known for weeks, the road forward is unclear.

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  1. Now lets see if the Senate has a clue about how to work the Dumborats into a method of passing the bill or will they do the stupidest thing possible by letting the bill go to Committee. If this Committee move happens it will be bottled up for the next two years and never see the light of day.
    Watch the Republicans and judge their actions.

    • No Watch the democrats. All the democrats up for election in 2012 voted against the repeal. We know they all need to be voted out in the House. Now we`ll see what the dem`e in the senate and which of the 23 up for re-election in 2012 votes against it. Time to do more house cleaning. Most of the democrats in both house`s are card carring communist. Comminist must get their way or they cry alot and rant and rave. Just listen them on the floor crying and whining how the republicas will get in the way of their destruction of our country.

  2. Obamacare is a monster that will kill more people than it helps. It will bankrupt the system and perhaps that is just what Obama wants. There is coming a vote to increase the debt limit and if this repeal is tied to it, it will pass. Otherwise, there will be another call to raise the debt ceiling about every six months and most of the money will go to pay for this.

    • If the House re-vet`s Obumass properly this time he will be declared ineligble to run for re-election. No Birth Certificate long form, no back ground, no re-election. He`s gone. Pass it on.

      • He may be gone, but he can do an awful lot of irreparable damage, before he leaves, and will, as he hates this country & it's people!!
        We have a bigger problem coming up this summer!!!
        China is devaluing the dollar by 30%…other countries will soon follow suit!! By summer we can expect a 30% inflation rate, for clothing, gas, oil, eletronics, and most importantly FOOD!!
        If you can afford to, and have a cool place to store it, pick up some Freeze Dried foods…They will last 25 years! Dehydrated needs spices, which could be hard to locate!
        My favorite Freeze Dried food company is… Rule 1….Buy things you like to eat!!!

  3. This is a list of some of the dems that need to be voted out in 2012 , They are fighting for this health care take over..
    Louise Slaughter–N.Y.
    Diana Degette -1st district- Denver
    Lors Capps – 23rd districk — California
    Mike Doyle – 14 district — Pennsylvania
    Jane Harman –36 district — California
    Jan Schakowski –9th district –Illinois
    Charles Gonzalez 20th district –Texas
    Jay Inslee 1st district –Washington
    Frank Pallone 6th district –New Jersey
    Levin — Michigan
    Anna Eshoo 14th district –California
    Eliot Engel 17 –district N.Y.
    Gene Green 29th –district –Texas
    Tam Baldwin 2nd district —-Wisconsin
    G. Butterfield 1st –district –N. Carolina
    Doris Matsue –5th district –California
    Peter Welch– Vermont
    ANTHONY WEINER—- 9th district –N.Y.
    There are others that I missed but I will seek that information..

    These people do not care about what happens to the people in there States or the Country as a whole.
    They have spoken against the American peoples voice showing us our voice means nothing to them because they have there own agenda to keep … Thus, We have witness the proof of that .


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