Rent-a-Gun? Govt. To Permit Guns To Be ‘Rented’ Until You Die

guns SC Rent a Gun? Govt. to Permit Guns to Be Rented Until You Die

The widely anticipated Senate bill soon to be introduced by gun-banner extraordinaire Dianne Feinstein will do far more than eliminate “assault weapons” (AW’s) and “high capacity” magazines.

According to a summary on the senator’s website, concealed carry license holder Feinstein–who proposed an outright ban on all handguns while packing her own for self-defense—will demand that owners of guns affected by her legislation: pay a $200 fee for each banned weapon owned; submit pictures, fingerprints and register AW’s with the ATF; have local law enforcement attest to the owner’s identity and specify the address at which each weapon will be kept.

But the NRA reports that the senator intends to go much further than bans or registration. For assessment of an acquired draft of Feinstein’s bill reveals a provision demanding that guns defined as assault weapons be immediately turned over to the federal government upon the current owner’s death.

Under existing Federal Firearm Legislation, owners of AW’s are permitted to sell their weapons outright, modify them or pass them along to heirs. But not anymore. For should Feinstein’s bill become law, AW’s will be grandfathered into the possession of their current owners and “…[will] remain with [that] …owner until [his] death, at which point they [will] be forfeited to the government.”

In short, our political ruling class would literally appropriate millions of “assault weapons,” rent the freshly acquired firearms back to their original owners and then seize them after those flagrantly cheated individuals have died.

It is a very clever scheme of mortality-based confiscation!

Registration of the appropriated weapons will be conducted according to the National Firearms Act of 1934, the law which, among other things, regulates ownership of machine guns and silencers. Fortunately the $200 per weapon fee has historically been charged only on the transfer of a weapon rather than on a yearly basis. But of course those banned, “high capacity” magazines must also be taken into account—and taxed.

Feinstein’s bill has yet to be completed, though she has vowed to read it on the Senate floor by January 3rd. Given the massive, nationwide dissent and bitter animosity which would surely result should the contents of the bill be published in an open and honest form, it’s possible that, like ObamaCare, Congress will have to pass the legislation before the American public finds out what’s in it.

One thing is certain–gun owners will undoubtedly acquire many new responsibilities while preserving very few rights.

For example, Feinstein and Co. might demand holders of “assault weapons” purchase some form of renter’s insurance in order to protect themselves from legal responsibility should a gun be stolen and used in a crime. Naturally, the legal responsibility would be levied either by Congress itself or one of its partners in crime—the ATF comes to mind. After all, it would be a swell way to pick up a few bucks while encouraging a “pre-demise” weapon turn-in by owners who wish to avoid legal exposure or the expense of congressionally-mandated insurance coverage.  Imagine the required purchase of an “ATF-approved” policy at $500 per year per weapon. A protection racket to make even Capone blush!

Will the Feinstein bill succeed? Almost certainly not. But consider how much closer it will likely come to passage now than a year ago. And what will happen after the next brutal murder spree deliberately facilitated by the left and its “gun-free zone” legislation?  And the next and the next?

Feinstein’s legislation reveals what the left is determined to achieve, sooner or later and by any means necessary. Those who wish to remain free must be prepared to do anything necessary to defeat them.

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  1. we need to get rid of politicians, govt. proper. start over. get rid of them all. elitist bastards.

  2. who the f&&k does she think she is?
    She's getting in the way.

  3. Distinguishedandwise says:

    F&$k Feinstein…she tries to take our guns she and Obama will most probably among the first casualties of the uprising this will cause.

  4. Why does Feinstein have a concealed Carry license?

  5. I have not posted any cut and paste materiel. I have not used profane language on this site. I have noticed many posts that say things that are highly suggestive of the posters intent and they are still there. Please do not accuse me of doing things that I am not doing or just because someone may not like what I write. I respond to those who I do not agree with and it seems that they do as well.

  6. Phuck Feinstein!

  7. Nothing more than a NUT case similar to the shooters in Colorado and Conn. she is just as crazy as they were

  8. I will not comply

  9. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I would love to see Feinstein be on the receiving end of the firearm she carries. Would make the world a better place!

  10. Kiss my ass obobo

  11. Feinstein, O and the rest of the liberal Dems are completely off their nut if they really think loyal Americans will give up their guns!!!!!!! NO WAY TO THAT idiotic idea!!!!!!!!! The only way for that to be implemented would be for one of O's executive orders and if he does that he will be going against the Constitution (again). Once Boehner is out as Speaker, it''s time for impeachment to begin.

    • Obama will just threaten who ever replaces Boehner. I believe that they have threaten judges who challenge his eligibility or even the Supreme Court Justice. That's why we now have Obamacare. I also believe he has killed like Andrew Brietbart. There is no end to their criminal ways except to eliminate them.

    • If Obumer passes an Executive Order to confiscate weapons, that would be Illegal since the President doesn't create the Laws, but is supposed to enforce them. He also knows that if he does create this EO that he would be starting the 2nd American Civil War, which I think is plan anyway.

    • I will lock and load

  12. I will not comply.
    I will not Lie down.
    I will not go quietly.
    I will not submit.
    I will not roll over.
    I will not shut up.

  13. VirgoVince says:

    So, how come DEAD folks can't own guns, but they CAN still vote????
    Because that's the way idiot libturds want it to be!!!!
    How will they control un-registered, privately (secretly/discreetly) owned, un-traceable, weapons??
    Trust me, there are many such weapons and have been for many years!!

  14. This is just another way to disarm the people. Our constitution allows our citizens to own guns. Nothing any of them say can alter this. LEAVE OUR CONSTITUTION ALONE. We own our own homes and cars too, does that mean that we have to pass them on to the government after we die? Our property is our property, and the government should keep out of our personal business, as there is nothing in the constitution that gives them that right. They are doing all sorts of things that are not to our benefit. Cutting down on our military is one of the biggest. They way the world is today, and with all the countries that hate us, our military should be kept strong, not weakened. Why are there so many Americans that cannot see the handwriting on the wall? This will be the first of many freedoms taken away from us. I am 86, so why should I be forced to pay for a health care that will not allow me an operation or other care needed, as I am too old to be of any use? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  15. I believe that if gun control such as Fienstein would like is passed there would be a massive citizens revolt and I believe the military and the civilian police forces would side WITH those that are revolting. I know that I would, but then again I'm a gun owner.

  16. You hit the nail on the head. As with Obamacare, gun control (read" grab) will morph into total confiscation. The nation needed "some" health care reforms. What we got was an albatros of legislation that will create & impose massive new taxes on all, and ironically, end up severely restricting access to care and/or specific treatments, based on the federal governments determination of your worth as a human. This is why Americans are so upset with their government. The low approval ratings have to do with a government that solves few problems & ALWAYS creates large & more complex problems when they impose their idea's of solutions.

  17. Don't ban fire weapon'e HELL BAN that CRAZ BITCH

  18. They all want us to be owned by the Frig'in Gov. Police state and the whole deal . Thats what they want . We said ever thing about that thing in the white house and it has come to pass ( So keep your eye's open )

  19. The Constitution recognizes a right in the 2nd amendment which existed before paper was invented, it does not GIVE rights. If it has to be given to you, it would then be a privilige. Self preservation, even to the degree of overthrowing a tyrannical government by any means, is as much our right as is DNA. Never before have I thought my preservation would demand me to exert this right, but daily it looks as if the responsibility is being forced on me by those who would force me and my descendants into perpetual servitude.

  20. AlwaysRIGHT says:

    When are some patriotic courageous arms-bearing Americans going to storm the congress and take our country back from these enemies to our constitution? When does their behavior warrant such an attack?

    On a related note, why can't everyone in the Senate be fired for not fulfilling their duty to provide a budget every year? Is there no consequence for not doing your job? And since the President presides over them (right?), can't he, too, be held accountable and fired as well?

    It's always said that we, the people, are their bosses. Why are we paying these idiots? And who granted them the ability to receive full pay for life, regardless of when they retire? And how come after we, the people, gave them all flunking grades (with single-digit approval rating), Obama can step in and give them all raises – with our money? He works for us, too.

    I seriously think everyone's salary in congress should be cut in half, and their pensions cancelled. And I think anyone who supports any legislation that gives away MY tax dollars to foreign nations should lose their citizenship, lose their jobs, lose their pension, and be deported. Show me where in the constitution it allows our govt to take from our wages and give to foreign countries? And even worse, we give money to countries who burn our flag and celebrate in the streets when we are attacked.

    • You are so right about that. None of these things will happen until we the people make it happen.
      When he gives our tax dollars to the country's that want to kill us it is treason pure and simple.
      The only ones to do any thing about it

    • wondersnevercease1 says:

      well how about recalling each of them in the states they were elected? lets start with feilnstein, reid,pelosi, boehner. recall just like nullify now will work wont recalling them immediately work?

  21. RaymondOne says:

    Further proof that Barack Hussein Obama has trampled the United States Constitution.

  22. Why we must fight? (And the simple remedy to cure it.)

    I have a theory and I think it’s true. I have been mulling over what a liberal is and why they do what they do. It may sound sophomoric and trite but I think it has to do with “spoilt-brat” syndrome and I’m not kidding.

    They actually want a revolution, they actually want a beating! You see, if you look at most liberals they had life easy, too easy. Everything was handed to them, most hardly worked hard at all. (Not all who lived privileged lives are like that, of course, because some were never given the opportunity to become spoilt brats by truly caring parents).

    If you examine most, if not all liberals, you will see most had vastly privileged lives. They cannot believe how stupid people are to put them in such undeserved positions in life! Thus, the typical adolescent and seemingly atrocious, ungrateful behavior they display for all to see.

    They cannot believe what is so easily lauded on them while the rest of us trudge through life. Honor, riches, come so easy so they develop a certain guilt. A guilt that makes them wonder why they have not been punished like the rest of us.

    So they do the most outrageous things. Things that people like you and me cannot understand the eventual SELF-DESTRUCTIVE behavior they want to give everyone. They actually want you to give them a beating so much that they impose this behavior on the rest of us. The more the merrier.

    I read somewhere once that teenagers said they actually wanted their parents to discipline them when they went awry. Thus the outrageous behavior. The proof of love was needed in the discipline. Remember the story about the bully kid who dared you to knock the block off his shoulder? Well, these spoilt brats are now all grown up daring you to knock their atrocious political agendas off their shoulders now.

    Look at your typical teenager. Is that not a liberal life? Everything is handed to you? No worry about food or shelter? No need to find work? See the similarities between liberal behavior and a teenager?

    Understanding this, you can see liberals were born to be a thorn on the side of society. Their behavior need not rile you anymore if you look at it as “spoilt brat” syndrome, even though they are adults now.

    NOW YOU KNOW THE REMEDY. Give them the beating they want and they deserve to preserve THEIR SANITY! Poking them so they see this is not a fairy tale to them at all (the good undeserved life.)

    So by beating, I mean we must fight and confront all their nasty agendas and put up with when we realize it is not stupid at all, in a way, only that they want the beating they never got in life and NOW WANT because of, yes guilt! So clobber them!

    So be mean, be firm, never give in, but most of all give them the secular whacking they need and want not feel no compunction, guilt, or anger about. It does take getting off that couch, however.


    Do not be afraid. They all are liberals with spoil-brat syndrome and actually want to be arrested, want to be clobbered. We must carry through and do our duty lest we all suffer under this common but easily corrected malady.

    And by not doing nothing we are being complicit in their outrageous behavior and may even show we approve of it! We must not send such a signal. And besides it is OUR right, and an esteemed obligation to remove a government being run by spoilt-brats and is no longer serving the people and is destructive.

  23. If anyone gives you any grief about owning firearms, here are a few cases that you can point to.
    United States v. Miller: Adjudicated in 1939
    After reciting the original provisions of the Constitution dealing with the militia, the Court observed that “[w]ith obvious purpose to assure the continuation and render possible the effectiveness of such forces the declaration and guarantee of the Second Amendment were made. It must be interpreted with that end in view.” The significance of the militia, the Court continued, was that it was composed of “civilians primarily, soldiers on occasion.” It was upon this force that the States could rely for defense and securing of the laws, on a force that “comprised all males physically capable of acting in concert for the common defense,” who, “when called for service . . . were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time.” (This case stipulates that if the "Militia were to be activated, they would have to use their "Legally" obtained firearms, that are comparable to the Military Weapons of the time…not the time of the founding of this Amendment, but the time that they were "Activated" whether it was in the year 2012, 2025, or 2100)

    District of Columbia v. Heller: Adjudicated in 2008
    The Supreme Court definitively came down on the side of an “individual rights” theory. Although accepting that the historical and contemporaneous use of the phrase “keep and bear Arms” often arose in connection with military activities, the Court noted that its use was not limited to those contexts. Further, the Court found that the phrase “well regulated Militia” referred not to formally organized state or federal militias, but to the pool of “able-bodied men” who were available for conscription.

    McDonald v. Chicago: Adjudicated in 2010
    Relevant to this question, the Court examined whether the right to keep and bear arms is “fundamental to our scheme of ordered liberty” or “deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition.” The Court, relying on historical analysis set forth previously in Heller, noted the English common law roots of the right to keep arms for self-defense and the importance of the right to the American colonies, the drafters of the Constitution. and the states as a bulwark against over-reaching federal authority.

    Hope this information helps.

  24. Frankenstein should be stripped of position, pension, citizenship and drop-kicked to the mid-Atlantic!

  25. People have sold there sole and the Constitution for a free cell phone, free food stamps and free money.

  26. Our CCW instructor, a working LEO, told us to be SURE to join the NRA. Somehow I don't think he would approve of Ms Feinshtein…

  27. says:

    A well regulated militia,being necessary to the the security of a free state,. The right of the people to keep and bare arms,SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.It is because of stupid politicians like you and MARXIST MUSLIM obama
    are the resions we have that amendment. And I'm not afraid to tell you KISS my white redheaded a**
    When you and obummer try it will be a act of war agents the citizens. See our founders seen you cumming way back then

  28. Go to H**l Feinstein.

  29. A. PATRIOT says:

    This is what happens when people keep voting for LIBERAL COMMUNIST DEMONCRAT PARTY CULT MEMBERS !!!
    The DUMBED DOWN AMERICANS (now a majority), NEVER search for the REAL TRUTH !!
    They believe ANYTHING that people like opera tell them, and since they ONLY watch the STUPID shows like oprah, THEY WILL NEVER LEARN THE TRUTH !!!!
    To them, what BRITNEY SPEARS is wearing is more important to them than NORTH KOREA developing REAL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION and the willingness to use them !!!!

  30. Robert Webb says:

    Such a law is inherently unenforceable, not to mention unconstitutional. As it is today, our police are so hard-pressed, there's not enough to fight the real criminals. And with the taxpayers already angry, reeling, and suffering from America's near-economic collapse, they know they'll never have the manpower they will need to go house to house seizing AWs. Of which seizures everybody that's paying attention knows is ONLY the beginning.

    Why do they want a civil war and a bloodbath in our streets? What is it about our blood-bought freedoms that makes these self-serving politicians so angry?

    They are living in a dream world if they think Americans are ever going to just give up their guns to any government-or potential dictator under the color of law. To which I say is nothing less than a false facade of a temporary security wrapped around a new-born tyranny. A new tax imposed upon us to allow us the "privilege to rent" our own firearms back to us –when millions of true patriots have already paid for and re-affirmed our constitutional rights on this nation's battlefields with our lifesblood — it is tantamount to resurrecting the dead bones of monarchy, thus making a mockery of the eternal sacrifices we made to win our liberty and freedom!

    Freedom is not free. And rights-once lost, are almost impossible to re-gain. Every right we have in this our Constitution was written in blood-with firearms!

    If the Constitution falls on one point, it falls on all points!

  31. Anyone who is too blind to see that now is the time to join your local militia deserves to get what the govt has in store for them. Get your lazy *ss off the couch, get the minimum amount of gear required to participate and get in shape. The time to defend your country from tyranny is now, not later when they come through your front and back doors. The time is NOW! Join a militia which obeys the Constitution, respects the family, and only wishes to protect the lives and property of the people. Get off the couch, put down the bag of chips, shut off your TV and join the local militia!!!

    Remember 1776 & Keep Your Powder Dry!

  32. There is no way I will submit to this. I WIIL not.

  33. What’s next tattoo a number on us , or yellow band on are arm! This lady is a Nazi

  34. Amendement Number II:

    "A well regulated Milita, being necessary to the security of a free State, 'the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.' "

    I do not read any ambiguity here!


  36. woobernicker says:

    Good luck with that!

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