Remember How Seal Team 6 Was Shot Down? Now We Could Finally Know Why Obama Is Covering It Up


On August 6, 2011, in Wardak Province, Afghanistan, jihadists perched on top of a building shot down a decrepit CH-47 helicopter, Extortion 17, packed with 30 Special Ops forces–most of them part of the elite SEAL Team 6. Almost immediately, facts about the attack were hushed up that included skirting away the black box. Furthermore, within hours, everyone on board was cremated, supposedly because they were burned beyond recognition. Family members of the victims have learned that virtually everything the Obama administration has revealed about the attack is a lie.

The likely reason for the coverup? The high-tech weapon used to shoot down Extortion 17, a heat-seeking missile, more than likely was supplied by none other than Barack Hussein Obama.

In this video, we reveal this and much more…

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  1. Proudamerican says:

    It isnt hard to see which side the impostor is on is it?

  2. So where's the video?

  3. I find it amazing that he is still the president of America. His actions, sending armament to our enemies should be enough to remove him from office immediately. It's not like this is any secret anymore with Egypt making public his support for the Muslim Brotherhood, at the expense of their nation.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Who has got the balls to stop this POS(piece of shit)?Surely not the liberal press or those RINOs since everybody is scared to be called a racist.

      • David G says:

        Well it comes down to us, the American people! Too many are complacent in there government freebies they don’t want them to stop! So what to do? Well we meaning the rest of the tax payers that want him gone march on Washington, they did it 40 plus years ago and it worked then, why can’t we do it again? I remember thousands upon 10’s of thousands marching on DC when they wanted Nixon out, and the pushed and pushed to no ends!

      • F the nigga, I'll off him.

  4. cant access the video !…………..did it get snatched already ?!

  5. What Obama is covering up by killing Seal Team 6 is the fact that they did not kill Osama Bin Laden as he said in order to improve his image. Osama Bin Laden died of Kidney Cancer in about 2002. Here's the link.
    If the Seals really did kill Osama they would have paraded his body around as evidence of the kill and for the glory of Obama. But, they had no body to parade around or to bury. Hence, the quick burial as sea with no pictures allowed.
    Our Muslim President – Obama – would never attack another Muslim and kill him. His actions have proven that he would do anything and everything he can to help the radical Muslims. Not kill their leader.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    When this happened I thought something was fishy but with Obutthole leading the country nothing is impossible.Look at the cover up on Benghazi between him and Hitlary both with blood ontheir hands.I'm just amazed that Generals who are suppose to be for their men let this half assed coon get away with this.

  7. No video to watch…

    Everything that has or hasn't been said about SEAL Team 6 is trust but verify and no one has verified a damn thing…..

    • RacerJim says:

      I just watched the video, therefore I hereby verify your first comment is a damned lie.

      I have researched and hereby verify: a) Obama himself outted SEAL Team 6 as the unit which killed Osama bin Laden; b) The specific helicopter used for the "Extortion 17" SPECOPS (Special Operations) mission was a standard Vietnam War era model NEVER SINCE used for SPECOPS missions; c) The entire contingent of accompanying Afghani soldiers was "swapped out" immediately before takeoff; d) In direct violation of SPECOPS SOP "Extortion 17" flew into a HOT ZONE with no immediately preceding enemy defensive fire eliminating/suppressing strike (like one/more AC-130 or AH-64) or protective aircraft (like one/more AC-130 or AH-64); e) "Extortion 17" was brought down by either a RPG or a MANPAD; f) If the foregoing verifcations don't prove a damn thing to you then you have your head buried up Obama's butthole.

  8. Impeachment Now!

  9. Father Jonathan,

    Do you want to repeat yourself, Obama isn't the DEVIL! Obama has his Brown Shirt army at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio Texas hiding the fact that the children coming over the border have lice and diseases. Nurses and doctor are guarded and cell phones are taken away under orders to kill anyone going against Obama orders. Wake up Father Jonathan, the devil is allowed to walk amongst us, period!

  10. Timothy Zdraleq says:

    Obama the great deceiver! When are the people in this country going to wake up? The worst president we have ever had!!!!

  11. Obama is a traitor. We have always given traitors what they deserve, Death. Allow me t serve this dish to Obama.

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