Reid Stands Up For Underage Sex Addict Menendez

Harry Reid 4 SC Reid Stands up for Underage Sex Addict Menendez

What’s wrong with this picture? Allegedly, Democrat Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey used a political donor’s plane to travel to the Dominican Republic for a sex holiday with underage prostitutes. That should turn your stomach enough. But wait, there is more. He stiffed them, literally; he didn’t pay what he promised, which resulted in him being outed by the madam. The story that broke the night before the election indicated that this was not his first venture to the political donor’s vacation residence and not the first time Menendez had used his plane.

Senator Harry Reid, in an interview with with ABC News’ “This Week With George Stephanopoulos”, defended his good friend from New Jersey, allowing him to keep his Chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee while the ethics committee investigates the charges of illegal gifts. My God, where is the sanity, morality, and outrage?

Have you heard anything about this in the mainstream media? It’s only been about, let’s say, two months, which should have been enough time to conduct some sort of preliminary investigation. What do Democrats have to do before they come out and say “I have discredited my country; I resign in shame”?

In the liberal’s mind, nothing could be further from the truth. Because Dirty Harry says the Senator can still be effective, they aren’t going to do anything yet. Using a campaign donor’s plane to travel to that donor’s private retreat in another country to pay for sex with underage girls apparently isn’t shameful enough for Senator Menendez to resign, or for Harry Reid to take action against him. We should demand a public flogging of both Reid and Menendez.

Photo Credit: Talk Radio News Service (Creative Commons)

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  1. they are the ones we are just the dirt that they walk on.

  2. Whos Menendez?

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      whose menedez? menedez is that pervert who got caught with his pants down, and he is also the one who a few years ago fought hard for illegals to stay in this country, that is who menedez is, another loser liberal.

  3. saddlebroke says:

    This is just another example of lib democrats embracing one another in their very "elitist' do no wrong mentality.
    Several unacceptable laws/rules have been broken by Menendez in addition to having sex with an under aged prostitute. Had this been a conservative, a Republican or an Independent all hell would have broken lose from the White House to the liberal loving media. This "cult" group called left wing radical democrats need to be punished for their many crimes.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Did anyone expect Reid to say his fellow liberal was guilty of banging young broads or violating Senate rules.You must remember they learned from the master himself Slick Willy Clinton who got the young Monica to blow his horn and everybody was in Willys corner.If Menendez was a republican he would be resigning and our non political press would have had the rope out.There are different standards for Republicans & Democraps.dingy Harry is probably banging some young babe like Alec Baldwin does.

  5. If Reid is vouching for him, need we say more!?!?

  6. Reid probably does the same . Birds of a feather stand together.

  7. What are these slimes doing in my country? Reid the whorehouse master from Nevada defending slimebag Menendez the champion of illegals and the Dream Act (come hell or high water). These are people you love to hate! When the fighting begins, their balls will be rolling down the street. This gang is the sleaziest to inhabit Washington since Bubba and his dyke wifita Hillary.

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