Reid Goes For The Throat: Watch What He Just Said About The Bundys

Nevada Senators Harry Reid-(D) and Dean Heller-(R) sat together for a live TV interview on Friday, April 18th on the KSNV program “What’s Your Point?”

Reid doubles down on calling Bundy protestors terrorists, among other names.

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  1. And, to you Harry, you are as corrupt as can be and have zero morals

  2. I am glad that the American people got to see dirty Harry Reid for what he is, now most Americans knows that Harry and Son are crooks. There is a great chance that Harry and Son destroy their political careers. If Harry can do this to Mr. Bundy then who is next?

    People better wake up and realize that their personal properties can be taken away by a little weasel like Harry.

    Imagine if Harry and Obozo succeeds in taking away the rights to Bear Arms, you can bet that they will go after the citizen’s properties and business an America would be a full blown Communist Country

    We are NOT there yet, but they have been conditioning us for a long time slowly, Thank God that many of us woke up in time to put up a fight and NOT stand still for these criminals

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda did you see that story about why they want that land that Bundys American cows are eating.It seems Dingy Harry and his retarded son are about to make a bundle of money on this land.After all they put in a big interchange on I15 where there isn't anything there.It's like a bridge to nowhere.I'll guarantee our sand monkey Obozo knows this also.

      • Hi Edward,
        of course this little weasel Harry Reid and his retarded son another weasel are in it for the money and I would NOT be surprise if Obozo may be getting in on the action, after all he is good at stealing from the taxpayers

  3. Wiseoldlady says:

    This evil corruption will continue unless we stop them…the psychopathic satanists…their plan is to OWN and CONTROL the entire world. They plan on taking everyone's property. See the you tube 5 hour video called Synagogue of satan….exposes the truth of the corrupt sickos…names only some names.
    What I cannot understand…there are agents against this evil force only involved for their paycheck….don't they have a conscience…they see yet look away. You would think they would start taking out…one by one…all the corrupt. Also how much did they pay the sheriff to go along. The sheriff has CONTROL according to the Constitution against federal agents. Without his consent Feds can do nothing. That rotten sheriff needs to be REPLACED.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    reid is a domestic terrorist for singularly destroying congress from doing any work. he should be sued to the highest extend of the law

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