Record Number Feel U.S. Government Too Powerful

Obama Reacts Swiftly To Poll Numbers SC Record number feel U.S. government too powerful

A recent Gallup poll reflects a truth conservatives have known for years: the federal government has too much power. In fact, a record-high six in 10 respondents expressed that sentiment while a paltry seven percent wants to give D.C. even more control over our lives.

The trend is evident across the board, though certainly more pronounced among Republicans. More than 8 out of 10 members of the GOP say that government power is out of control.

Nearly 40 percent of Democrats responded similarly, which marks the highest number since the George W. Bush administration. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that number dropped from 57 percent during Bush’s second term to just 25 percent after Obama’s 2008 election. Now, it seems, even the once-faithful Democrat party is beginning to feel the effects of an all-powerful federal government.

In perhaps the worst news for the party in power, Independents are becoming increasingly frustrated with the level of government control. Up from around 50 percent last year, the most recent poll shows that 65 percent of unaffiliated voters think D.C. has too much power.

Though polling numbers do not explore the driving forces behind this shift in public sentiment, it has become obvious during the prolonged battle over socialized healthcare that Americans do not want the government making life-or-death decisions about 313 million people.

As Democrats continue to circle the wagons in defense of ObamaCare, it might do them well to peruse Gallup’s latest polling data. If record numbers of Americans are already disgusted with the level of government control, imagine the outrage possible when Washington, D.C., is rationing medical treatment.

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