Recent Pro-Life Trends: Good For The Republic, Bad For Democrats

abortion is murder Recent Pro Life Trends: Good for the Republic, Bad for Democrats

In spite of the contrary messages of propaganda publicized across the liberal channels of the mainstream media, an American trend of rising “pro-life” values is shown in the survey results of well-established polling organizations.

While recent polling statistics suggest that mainstream American values are still a far cry from traditional ones, such as is shown in the popular acceptance of “alternative” lifestyles, some of these same surveys have provided new statistics concerning the respect for life that hail from the days of traditional America. A recent Gallup survey, for example, proves that America is now trending strongly toward a pro-life stance, with a significant decrease in “pro-choice” sentiment across the nation.

Gallup also compared abortion attitudes between 2001 and 2008 to abortion attitudes between 2009 and 2012, and they found that the only demographic group that did not become more pro-life during this period was those who espouse no religion. The General Social Survey (GSS) also shows that young adults are now more likely than members of other age groups to oppose abortion in specific circumstances. The well-known cancer awareness and prevention organization, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, has also recently seen a huge drop in support after their renewed commitment to funding major abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

A recently proposed U.S. House bill named the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act (PreNDA) would make it unlawful to perform or coerce a sex-selection abortion in the United States. This bill received a 246-168 majority vote in the House of Representatives but still fell short of the two-thirds majority vote requirement for passage of the bill. On May 29, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) warned House members against voting for the bill, which they said would be “scored” as a vote against “women’s health.” Also, on the same day, the Huffington Post reported that “no Planned Parenthood clinic would deny a woman an abortion based on her reasons for wanting one, except in those states that explicitly prohibit sex-selective abortions (Arizona, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Illinois).” In essence, this means that this abortion provider, PPFA, will gladly perform a sex-selection abortion for a profit, except where it is illegal to do so. To get back to the polls, a recent one conducted by the Charlotte Lozier Institute showed that 77 percent of Americans (and 80 percent of women) supported PreNDA’s U.S. sex-selection abortion ban. The next day, on May 30th, based on a statement exclusively secured by ABC News, the White House admitted that President Obama opposed the bill.

The point of it all seems to be that our “president” and many of our elected officials seem to not be representing the law (as would be done in the republic that our nation was founded to be) nor representing the will of the people at this time (which would be representative of the democracy that many now seek and occasionally find in modern American government.) As a matter of investigative fact, abortion is still included and funded in the provisions of “Obamacare” (or shouldn’t we now call it the “Obama Tax” after the recent SCOTUS decision made possible by our lifetime appointee, Justice John Roberts?) We should also keep in mind that the new Obama Planned Parenthood contribution figures total $1.2 million in funds for the largest profitable abortion-providing organization in the known world.

In our own country, a man has recently been charged with murder and has faced the death penalty for killing his own unborn daughter at five-months gestation, miscarried after he assaulted her mother. Another man has been charged with murder after being found guilty of causing the death of an unborn child due to an accident involving his decision to drive drunk. These judicial decisions of punishment seem to be very justified, according to the laws of the land and basic human decency. What then is the difference between these destructive acts against human life and those that are “lawfully” and routinely carried out in clinics across our country? To those who believe in the U.S. Constitution and the Holy Bible, there is no difference.

The people of the United States are showing some signs of life when it comes to the most basic values that have traditionally defined our nation: “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” We should be carefully energized as a people to retain those values for the posterity of the country. Throughout the modern world, many examples could be cited of the state of humanity that can be realized when these basic human rights are devalued. In India, for instance, a father has recently killed his own baby daughter because his society devalues female offspring. Her body was found with bite marks and cigarette burns. In “the people’s republic” of China, 400 million unborn children have been killed as a result of the country’s one-child policy, and the Worldwide Euthanasia Conference recently held in Switzerland stands as an example of the threat against the life of not only the unborn, but also the elderly. Is this the “progressive” path that some modern Americans wish to explore? As a concerned citizen, I sincerely hope not.

A politically liberal author, Sara Robinson of AlterNet, recently expressed her opinion that men should remain silent on the issue of abortion, apparently unless they support its practice. She recently published a post titled “Abortions Have Made Life Better for Millions of Men: It’s About Time to Speak Up in Support.” Maybe this is such an occasion where such outspoken women themselves should self-educate or remain silent on what does or does not benefit the lives of men. After all, this subject’s now obviously a two-way street, right?

As one who is sincerely ready to see any analogous glass that is half-full as related to modern American life and security, I hope and pray that these recent polling figures truly represent the beginning of a return to some of those most basic human principles upon which America was founded. As a concerned citizen, I cannot fathom the disdain that some, even in America, still assign to unborn children, the most innocent and precious form of human life that we have. As a father of two children, having just arrived home a few days ago with my second child, a newborn daughter, it is even more difficult to imagine that even those who have experienced the privilege of parenthood could still support the continued legality of selective abortion. These recent findings are encouraging, though, and we should remain optimistic as a nation that we can still return to the principles that once founded our nation, sustained it, and made it great among nations. We should never forget the history of prosperity in our country that could not have been possible without the divine providence of God, who blessed our nation in spite of all odds. Based on historical records, we should also remember that in this nation that was founded upon Godly principles and blessed by God, abortion was illegal in all 13 American colonies in 1776.

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