It’s Gotten So Bad For Obama That New Polls Show Even His Strongest Allies Are Turning Against Him

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Over the past several decades, certain states have reliably supported a particular party and its leadership regardless of the political shifts occurring in more moderate regions of the U.S.

Aside from certain conservative enclaves, Californians have displayed such characteristics by voting overwhelmingly for Democrats in state and national elections. Despite the fact that Barack Obama enjoyed a healthy 63 percent approval rate in the Golden State as his second term began, a recent poll by the Field Research Corporation indicates that his current favorability is sagging dramatically in California as it is across the nation.

The Sacramento Bee indicates that his approval rating has dipped below 50 percent for the first time in three years and is virtually the same as his disapproval rate, which is hovering at around 43 percent.

Poll director Mark DiCamillo indicated that his popularity has taken a bigger dive in certain areas of the state than in others. In two of the state’s most left-leaning areas, Los Angeles County and the Bay Area, his approval rating is down 11 and 7 points, respectively.

Even among the state’s Democrats, more than three in 10 no longer approve of the job he is doing in D.C. While previous presidents have been able to count on core supporters late in their tenure, even as missteps had taken a toll on their overall popularity, DiCamillo explained that Obama has no such safety net – even among those who were once his most ardent defenders.

One such man, James Gay, is a two-time Obama voter who said his opinion has changed dramatically.

“I liked the man from the beginning,” he said, “but then as it went on, he kind of changed face.”

Complaining that Obama seemed to try to “please too many people in too many places,” Gay said he doesn’t believe the president remained true to his own convictions and plans for the country.

“He seems like he’s always on vacation,” he noted.

At this point, Gay said he is unsure whether he will even vote in future elections.

As this voter’s outlook suggests, DiCamillo noted that the backlash against Obama could have serious consequences for all Democrats running in the upcoming midterm election.

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Photo credit: Max Herman /

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  1. James Gay is an idiot! b.o. hasn't changed faces at all. He's just more open about his disregard for people and this Country. He's a marxist and cares only about what he can get for himself. The rest of America can go hang itself as far as he's concerned. He's is simply, and has always been, as traitor and should be arrested, tried and thrown in prison for his crimes!

  2. Elena Nash says:

    Did anyone know that Rothschild, Soros and Kissinger are pulling his strings? They are in complete control of him and he answers to no one else but them.

    • I believe you, I have seen video of Kissinger talking about the New World Order, these men are the Globalist, they are pure evil. But then again they are not the only ones, there are lot more of them, such as the Freemasons. However they will never win, God has a special place for these evil people, with all of their money, I would NOT want to be part of their group, not where these Globalist are heading to

  3. James Gay is an idiot and now he has figured out, too little too late, there were so many of these useful idiots that voted for this clown. Many of us had tried to tell them before the election of 2012 but they would NOT listen and instead they defended this loser Obama.

    By now the whole Country and the world has finally figured out that Obama is full of himself and he is an idiot from Hell. I do NOT believe that 40% of these useful idiots still supports this loser Obama, Perhaps, 20% but NOT 40%, 40% is over rated

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    These Californians only pretend to be feed up with Sambo.They'll never leave his side.

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