Rebublicans Should Be Embarrassed By Debt Increase Vote

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown,

Washington is obsessed by picking winners and losers. But the Establishment media has the story all wrong again. The Republicans, they say, won this skirmish over debt. But actually Republicans displayed a total lack of commitment to their principles.

The only winner in the “Budget Control Act of 2011″ is massive government and the Washington bureaucracy it feeds with your money.

We are embarrassed for Republican members of Congress who go out with a straight face and talk about how they controlled spending, when they voted to increase the debt limit by between $2.1 and $2.4 trillion, the biggest explosion of debt in American history.

In reality, the bill as Rep. Tom McClintock, R-CA, points out, “allows the government to avoid spending reductions for the next two years while squandering our last best hope of averting a sovereign debt crisis.” This bill literally guarantees the economy will get worse, and the budget deficit will explode higher.

As a Republican state senator in California, McClintock predicted and fought against the policies that have bankrupted Sacramento and has now taken his crusade to Washington, D.C. He exhorted his colleagues to see reality, giving excellent reasons he voted against the Boehner/Obama bill: “The purported cuts, even if realized, are far below the $4 trillion deficit reduction that credit rating agencies have warned is necessary to preserve the Triple-A credit rating of the United States government; it blows the lid off the House budget passed in April by more than a half-trillion dollars over ten years; it makes no significant spending reductions for at least the next two years, essentially freezing spending at an unsustainable level.”

McClintock further explained, saying, “While the debt increase occurs this year, significant spending cuts aren’t to be made for many years and can be ignored or reversed by future acts of Congress; the spending caps are easily circumvented by declaring appropriations to be an emergency, a response to a ‘major disaster,’ or necessary for the ‘global War on Terror'; and the balanced budget amendment provisions are illusory because the amendment is completely undefined.”

But even more damaging to Republicans is the way they handed their citizen mandated legislative power to Barack Obama, damaging the U.S. Constitution in the process. Constitutional scholars….

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  1. The politicians in Washington do not hear the citizens anymore. They have now handed all power to a LITTLE CHEVEZ! Wake up Washington you are losing our country!!!!!!!
    This is the Armageddon that was not supposed to happen.
    The Republicans have sold their souls to Obama and the Communists in our government.
    When are they going to stand on principles and stop believing the LIAR in CHIEF???

    • ANTICRIME says:

      Birds of a feather always fly together! ~ Congress, along with both parties have been long infiltrated with Marxist-Communists who have been eating away at our country like RED termites! They have increased their swarm to the point of openly exposing themselves by brazenly ESCALTING their damage before our very eyes! They have NO FEAR due to their cronies having been placed within the Federal Judicial System to aid and abet them! ~ When criminals can pick and appoint their own judges, then they become UNTOUCHABLES……HELLO!!!

  2. SEAN MURRY says:

    My reps have told me why they voted for the debt increase vote wait until the town meeting i will ball them out .

  3. I have to believe the House of Representatives did everything they could to rescue this financial mess considering they had to get the Senate to pass it. Now it is up to us, WE THE PEOPLE to vote for strong leadership that will turn this nation around. Let's not fight each other. Let's use the power of the ballot box!!

  4. "Republicans Should Be Embarrassed By Debt Increase Vote"

    This is exactly right! Among the Republicans who failed the test was Allen West. Republicans who passed the test include Ron Paul & Michelle Bachman. Donald Trump also spoke out strongly against it, from the sidelines.

    The lame-stream media tried to spin this as a Tea Party victory. It was not. It was a Republican defeat with many supposed Tea Party Republican Congressmen betraying the voters who elected them. Mr. Market was also not fooled and began a Market nose dive in investor confidence. Only the majority of blind fools in Washington did not see this as a bad deal for America. Our leaders have betrayed us again, out of fear of losing their next re-election if they instead did the right thing: CUT THE FEDERAL BUDGET & BALANCE IT ASAP!!!

    • ANTICRIME says:

      Frank, "Those majority of blind fools" know EXACTLY what they are doing, my friend! ~ They are Marxist-Communists, who prefer to be called "Progressives" to fool the ignorant among us! ~ The Commie agenda is THE DESTRUCTION of capitalism and America itself, so that we can be absorbed into their satanic dream-Utopia they call a "New World Order"! ~ We will NEVER get America back on track until we RID our entire U.S. Government of the Communists within! ~ Echoes of the late Senator-Patriot, Joseph McCarthy, hollering from his grave….DUMMIES, I TRIED TO WARN YOU!!!

      • You are most likely correct!
        Hats off to you!

      • James Loney says:

        You are 150% correct BUT too many of the American people are too blind and deaf to see what is going on. Mention Communism and they call you "stupid". Most don't have an idea what communism is. But They are sure gonna find out and SOON! When this "Commie" president was making these speaches before his election and touting this "spread the wealth" BS it was right then apparent that here wasw a COMMIE!! I WAS RIGHT!!

        • ANTICRIME says:

          Don't feel alone, James! I tried to warn all my friends and relatives before ZERO was elected, but they all called me a "Radical-Extremest", "Racist" and "Conspiratorialist"! ~ YES, they WILL realize their error as time goes by and things get tight; some already do but are not man or woman enough to admit to me that I was right! ~ These people are the product of a controlled media and Marxist-infiltrated educational system that has CONDITIONED them to react exactly as they do whenever TRUTH hits them between the eyes! ~ That is the reason the Marxists gained control of all major media and public education in America…LONG AGO! ~ Karl Marx professed: "There will be some that will know what we are doing, but as long as we control the minds of the majority we will reach our goals"! ~ Stick to your guns, James, and continue to speak the TRUTH no matter how much the ignorant ridicule you, my friend! ~ Remember; those that walk the path of truth will have to dodge many stones…but at the end, Heaven's door will be wide open to them! ~ God speed!

    • Craig B. says:

      Thats ridiculous to say West failed. I am sure you didn't listen to what he had to say and why he voted in the manner that he did. Support Ron Paul and you guarantee a second term for Obama. There is a multi-spectrum to this issue. As crappy as it turned out West is still a TRUE conservative. You want to be realistic and taken seriously on your views, be more analytical and at least mention names such as West, Ryan, Cantor, and the likes well over unelectables! And to mention Trump, who makes us all look like shmucks is an impeachment of your political savvy, rather the pack thereof. Bad mouth West, and then you put Klein back in office – way to go!

  5. EdinNOLA says:

    When McConnell jumped up with a new give away plan, with CC&B sitting on the Senate's doorstep, he gave the nation away. As if that wasn't bad enough, the next step was for Boehner to come up with his own give away plan. Had they just kept their collective mouths shut, eventually the Senate would have been forced to actually look at the bill before it. Prince Harrry could not have withstood the pressure. I call for the immediate resignation of Boehner and McConnell from their leadership positions. They obviously do not have what it takes to do the job.

  6. no the real problem is theres to many old school gop rinos , But think of this the dems never had a plan what so ever but to spend ,spend, spend ! The thing is every good bill that the gop and tea party sent to the senate the pricks turned it down there for both partys are at fault nobody is a winner in ethier party including obama !

    so come 2012 write down the rinos who did vote for it and of course just clean sweep the dems out of the wh and get up and vote !!

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    I was in total shock when I heard Allen West voted for this,must be Debbie Washerwoman Schultz finally got to him.Old soldiers never die they just cave and this why we must remember this in the next elections.

    • Before you judge Rep West on this issue, you should give him the benefit of the doubt and hear his reasoning. Don't throw the best congressman on the hill under the bus.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Your probably right but after a while you get tired of the liberal socialist come out smelling like a rose.

  8. Embarrass a politician – Dumbocrat or Republican? Impossible. They are completely complicit in what is happening in Washington, Kenya; from Obama's false prdesidency to the debt ceiling deal.

  9. They are all bums that never tell the truth.

  10. Kangaroo says:

    Canadians believe we have a one party system in America, with deomocrats and RINOs compramising on everything. Bipartasan means one party with two heads, and one brain. Liberals and RINOs share that one brain equally., as long as the money keeps rollien in the "good ol boys" will play politics all day long!

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