Reasons For Murders In “the Hood” No One Wants To Face Honestly

gang Reasons for Murders in “the hood” No One Wants to Face Honestly

Every nightly newscast in South Florida, and probably a lot of other television markets around the country, includes what could fittingly be called the “Minority Crimes Report (MCR).” The MCR tells us how many people were shot, killed or maimed in the area’s minority neighborhoods the night before. The cumulative effect of these shootings produces the equivalent of a Sandy Hook massacre every few days, but that doesn’t fit the media’s narrative so that fact is never mentioned. Any objective review of the number of gunshot murders in America tells us they aren’t happening in Hasidic neighborhoods; or Scandinavian enclaves. The “hoods” where Blacks and Hispanics live are the killing zones of America.

When the MCRs aren’t describing the carnage and blood running in the streets of these neighborhoods they tell us heartbreaking stories about young lives cut short, local ministers leading “Marches Against Violence” and gun buy backs that serve as photo ops for local Democrat politicians. These murders occur almost exclusively in areas represented by Democrats but we’re not supposed to notice that.

All of these frustratingly inane things happen in spite of some very telling statistics: Black males are murdered largely by other Black males at rates 2.4 times higher than Hispanic males and 15.3 times higher than White males are killed by their own kind. Although Blacks are just 13% of our population they are 56% of America’s murder victims. Black teenage males die of gunshots at a rate 62% higher than they die automobile accidents. Black teenagers are 25 times more likely to be injured by a gun than white teens.

Looking at these statistics one would think Black neighborhoods would be the center of meaningful demands for tougher sentences for those convicted of crimes in general and gun crimes in particular. Yet we hear nothing of the sort from either America’s “hoods” or newsrooms. That would entail actually assigning personal responsibility for this mess to absentee fathers and/or a Welfare system that celebrates the “Single mom” as a heroine in our society. As long as this is the case we’ll see Reverend Jones leading his marches and Democrats demanding that licensed gun owners have more of their rights stripped away, but those things will give us nothing but more dead Black teenagers.

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  1. Obama, Biden and Holder are the public enemies.

  2. MCRs are not politically correct in this society,only when whites are involved

  3. Why does your picture show all white guys? Whats that all about? where are the blacks and hispanics in the Picture? Whoever put that photo up is a racist SOB

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Dustin you know the whites are the bad guys and God forbid you put a black or hispanics picture up there.

  4. Hypocrisy of the democrats.

  5. When I lived in Cincinnati there was at least one shooting every single night on the news. I felt terrible for the mothers who lost their children. I also wondered how prevalent PTSD was in the black neighborhoods. You just know it's got to be there!

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