Reagan: Oprah, It’s Not Racist To Fight Obama

Photo credit: Story Accents (Creative Commons)

Come on, Oprah.

You’re way too smart to be this stupid.

When are you going to get off this kick about Barack Obama being disrespected more than previous presidents just because he is a black man?

It’s getting embarrassing, Oprah.

You’re one of America’s great talents and greatest success stories.

You’re a self-made billionaire, an astute multimedia mogul, a beloved cultural icon.

You’re admired around the world for your generosity and good works. Your opinions and endorsements influence what millions of people read, how they think, and who they vote for.

But after five years of President Obama’s reign, you apparently still haven’t learned a thing about presidential politics and race relations in this country.

You proved it again just last week in Britain when you were plugging that movie “The Butler.”

You were asked — for the umpteenth time — by the BBC whether you thought President Obama was being treated unfairly or criticized disproportionately by the media and others because he was black.

You said, “When the senator yelled out, ‘You’re a liar’ — remember that? Yeah, I think that there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs, and that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American.”

Seriously, Oprah.

I realize your primary job in London was to promote “The Butler,” the movie about the real-life black butler who worked in the White House for eight presidents that was so bad I dubbed it “The Butler from Another Planet.”

But was your response to the BBC reporter’s question — a variation of the same claim you’ve made before — really the most thoughtful thing you could come up with?

Were you jet-lagged? Exhausted? Were you weary of being asked the same dumb question and having to give the same cliched answer?

Come on, Oprah. You’re off your usual game.

Using the example of the president being called a liar in Congress as proof that President Obama is a victim of racism is getting pretty stale.

It occurred in 2009. And it wasn’t a senator; it was South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson who yelled out “You lie” when Obama was overpromising the benefits of his Affordable Care Act to a joint session of Congress.

Oprah, you’re great. But you need to brush up on your history and current events.

America still has racists and bigots. They come in all colors and creeds. But you, better than anyone, must realize that the American people, especially the young, are increasingly colorblind.

You couldn’t have become the most influential woman on the planet and America’s richest black woman if white audiences hadn’t fallen in love with you and your TV talk show.

And President Obama couldn’t have been elected twice without the broad support of white voters who cared more about his hopes and promises than the color of his skin.

Obama is being beat up for political reasons, not racial ones. Just take off those black-and-white glasses, Oprah, and read the headlines.

Obamacare is a disaster. Obama’s economic policies are failing, and his administration is incompetent.

The president’s bipartisan critics in the media and in Congress don’t care what color his skin is, just as the “disrespecters” of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Ronald Reagan didn’t care about their white skin.

Oprah, let’s face it. It is you who is still fixated on the color of the president’s skin.

You need to update and upgrade your thinking. What you say matters. People trust you. They expect intelligent thoughts about race from you, not outdated and predictable cliches.

Imagine if you had said something to that BBC reporter like, “You know, that’s a really dumb and racist question. President Obama isn’t America’s black president, he’s America’s president. He’s taking his lumps because he’s been screwing up. It happens to presidents all the time. Except for a few racists, no one in America cares anymore what color the president’s skin is. Neither do I. I only care about the job he’s doing.”

That would have been an Oprah-worthy answer — and an important message about race for America.


Photo credit: Story Accents (Creative Commons)

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  1. Lux et Veritas says:

    since here I have tryed very hard to find any sign of this unatractive woman "talent". Sorry , I can only see fat, racist, irrogant (that is the indication of her low IQ) old person as a product of the "affirmative action" and her low IQ, without morality public.
    If American want to safe this country, obama has to be impeach and prisoned (his accomplices as well)
    I just can not get – how criminal ellitist has managed to make brain dead the half population of America.

    God Bless America

  2. She isnt admired by anyone .She is loathed and scoffed at by everyone at every turn

  3. Oprah, go jump in a lake!!!!!!!!!!
    No one is more racist than the blacks!
    You just proved it again!!!!!

  4. YOU CAN fix UGLY, BUT YOU CAN,T FIX STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Regan is right on. Oprah didn't seem like her usual kind and loving self. She should have thought out this answer more carefully. Instead she lost a lot of respect from people that admired her. NOW WE KNOW HOW SHE REALLY FEELS.

  7. Just like Obama, Oprah has not overcome.

  8. One important point that everyone seems to overlook is that our 'illustrious leader' is only HALF BLACK….
    …so, anyone who cries 'racism' is an idiot…and having hundreds of millions of dollars doesn't make someone right…
    Seems to me that if Oprah is so quick to shout racism, then perhaps she should look in the mirror and realize just who the racist really is…
    Right down there with Sharpton and Jackson…
    Race hustlers…for the money and the infamy…

  9. Maybe Oprah's crown she wears as the ahem queen of talk shows hosts has squeezed any common sense she with her down the drain.

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    Oprah is one of the biggest racist going,she is right up there with Obutthole ,Clyburn,Rangel, Sharpton and a whole host of black race baiters.Oprah is one fat igger who should get down on those knees and thank God for white people who made her a billionaire.If she wasn't a coon she'd be flipping burgers in McDonalds.In todays world all whites must kiss up to the burrheads or be called racists.

  11. Barbara Ledet says:

    Sammy Davis, Jr. was once asked why he moved in white circles and played to them. He told the black audience that whites went to his shows, paid for his recordings and watched the movies he made. He had money because the white man and woman went beyond the color of his skin. He would have been poor if he had to rely on blacks to do this for him. The cult of Opra got its support from mostly white female audiences of every age groups. A friend in her late eighties would call me to remind me when she was on the tube. Opra has a short, self serving memory.

    • Lol! I respected Sammy Davis, Jr. When I started reading your post my heart actually dropped to my knees, I thought you were going to provide facts that this wonderful man was just another racist. Silly, that a man I never met had gained both my respect and my love. Thankfully, it was not misplaced and I was not disillusioned of yet another hero. :) The sad part of this story is that 5 years ago, I would not have even thought that this disillusionment could take place, it is there now due to racists like the thug in chief and oprah.

  12. Linda From NY says:

    who cares what this woman has to says, now that we know that she is a racist, I would not be surprise if her new show fails, people are not that into her anymore. Especially now that they know she is a racist and friendly with the most hated president of US history, they will dump her even faster, give it time sooner or later we will hear about it.

  13. Oprah, you are a racist.

  14. Hey Oprah…

    When Obama leered down at the SCOTUS and told them he would right their recent wrong — remember that? Yeah, that was a level of disrespect for the highest Court that occurred, Obama lied about what the SCOTUS had recently done, it occurred long BEFORE Rep. Joe Wilson yelled "You Lie" at Obama, and maybe it occurred because of Obama's documented hatred for Caucasion-Americans.

  15. Innominateuser says:

    Everyone keeps dancing around Oprah talking about old southern racists and saying they "just have to die". She must also feel that young Afrikan-American sexual orientation hate monger, racist and genocide advocate Ayo Kimathi must also die. Surely she meant anyone of any race "marinating" in racism just has to die.

  16. The fact that she uses the term African American is proof that she is racist. She’s not proud to be an American. And to call a black person African American is just wrong. A black person could hail from Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Australia, or a number of other countries. Or maybe, just maybe, they are from America! Do you know what they call a black person in Canada? A Canadian! Do you know what they call a black person in Great Britian? British! Why is it in America being called an American isn’t good enough for some black people?

    What really sealed the deal for me that Oprah was racist was her ignorant comments about “Treyvon Martins murder.” If you think self defence isn’t allowed if the attacker is black then clearly you are racist as hell!

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