RAW Footage: Cops Dogpile Man And Kill Him After Accusing Him Of Selling “Untaxed Cigarettes”


Caution: Video contains some crude language

New York City police officers killed a man Thursday after he had broken up a fight between two other men. The cops suspected Eric Garner, 43, of Staten Island, of selling untaxed cigarettes, which apparently is a very serious crime in New York City.

Selling cigarettes

“Every time you see me you want to mess with me,” Garner told cops in the video. “I’m tired of it. It stops today!”

Garner, was described as a “gentle giant” and “a big teddy bear” by those who knew him, died after police officers put him in a chokehold before slamming his head on the ground. His wife, Esaw Garner, said her husband suffered from chronic asthma. The father of six died of a heart attack during the arrest. 

Selling cigs 3

The NYPD said Garner had been seen selling untaxed cigarettes and that he had been arrested before for the same offense.

The police officers insisted on placing him in a chokehold and slamming his head to the pavement, piling on top of him as he gasped for air, continually telling the cops that he couldn’t breathe.Selling cigs 2

Now, his family is demanding accountability from the NYPD.

Community residents are attempting to organize a march on Friday.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Well with a communist mayor we'll see what happens to these killer cops.Killing someone over cigarettes, they wouldn't do it to an illegal alien who raped someone.

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